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Arizona assistant Coach Jay John took some time to discuss the UCLA game. John has a great respect for the athletes that the Bruins possess and knows that they pose a lot of problems for the young Wildcats.

Question: What problems do the Bruins pose?

Jay John: "The problems that UCLA gives you is their seniors. They start four seniors and Kapono with his skill level and ability might as well be a senior. That's a problem, because they've been through it before. Our guys have never been through a UCLA/Arizona game before. They only lost one major contributor in Earl Watson. They figured out how to redirect the roles to play extremely well without Earl.

"From a talent aspect, they have always been very enamored with the ball. Sometimes that gets them in trouble, because they watch the ball defensively and lose sight of their man. But, when we went up their last year they attacked us. They attacked the basketball and they are so quick. We looked ridiculous in the first half. And we were an experienced team then. Going into the game I hope that the guys who understand, Jason (Gardner), Ricky (Anderson) and Luke (Walton), hold things together when they attack us."

Question: What are some keys to beating the Bruins?

John: "What you can't have happen is forgetting assignments and getting back on defense. They are going to run the ball up the court faster than anyone we have seen. They have a good team and we have to assume that they are going to be ready to play like they were ready to play against Kansas."

Question: What does the win over Kansas do for the Bruins confidence wise?

John: "Every time you beat the number one team in the country you recognize that if you approach every game that way you can beat anyone in the country. You now have the blueprint. Whatever the blueprint was to beat Kansas is the blueprint you need to keep the rest of the year. They've beaten the number one team in the nation three years in a row. That win seems to give them momentum going into the post season."

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