Finley discusses the Wildcats

One of the biggest recruits for the football team is WR/TE Jermichael Finley. The two-sport star from Texas could be an instant impact player. He's also athletic enough that he will join the Wildcat basketball team after the football season is done.

KCUB's Pete Delgado spoke with Finley on his radio show. Below is a transcript.

Talk about your decision to commit to Arizona:

"I took the visit and I just decided Arizona was the place for me."

What are some of the things that impresses a young man like you when you come out?

"I went through the locker room, saw everything in there. They had my jersey. They had a jersey No. 3 that had ‘Finley' written on the back of it. It was real nice."

One of the things I've heard the recruits are impressed with is the new uniforms. We haven't seen them, but you have seen them. Can you give us a preview?

"The material, I'm not sure what they call it, but it is a real nice material. The helmets as you know are all blue. I love every bit of it. The jerseys are real nice. I love them. They have some stripes on them. They have stripes on the pants that match the stripes on the jersey."

What are some other things you like about the campus?

"There are a lot of people just walking around, it is nice. Then there are the palm trees over the school and the mountains in the background look real nice. We don't have mountains like that in Texas."

Did you meet some of the other players?

"I talked to Mike Bell. I talked to the quarterbacks. They seemed like cool guys. I told them that they were going to be passing me the ball."

What do the other players tell you? How do they sell the program?

"They told me to ‘come down here'. That it will be a nice place for me to get away. I talked to some dudes from North Shore (High School in Houston) and they said that they love it because they are away from home. They just get to have free time on their own."

What are the players telling you about the program? How do they sell it to recruits? On paper 3-8, but they had to tell you something to make you want to commit.

"They told me about Mike Stoops. They said he's a great coach and that they love him. I want to go see what he's got."

How much did you consider Texas?

"I didn't give them much consideration."

Was there any pressure from people back home to go to Texas?

"If I go to Texas I'd just be another player. If I go to Arizona I could be a big time player."

Have you decided what courses you want to take? Do you know what you want to major in?

" I'd like to be a coach, so I want to go into Kineseology."

Finley is averaging 34 points and 19 rebounds a game for the Dibol (TX) basketball team. He has been given a roster spot on the basketball team, although he will be on a football scholarship.

Pete Delgado hosts a weekday talk show that can be heard in Tucson on 1290 a.m. He is also the host of the Wildcat Hour and a co-host with Cat Tracks' staffers Brad Allis and John Schuster on the basketball pre and postgame shows.

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