Game Log: Cats Win Despite Lack Of Energy

This was a weird game. McKale had absolutely no energy and that seemed to be passed onto the crowd. Without the students McKale sounded like a morgue. The Cats still played well enough to win going away.

2:46 before the tip
There is a good sized crowd here already, not bad considering the 6:30 start. Maybe some oft hem came out to watch a pretty good Richmond/Butler game that came down to the final shot.

0:00 before the tip
Television play by play announcer Dave Sitton does an ‘interesting' rendition of the national anthem. His voice was just fine, but he sang it in about 2/3 the normal speed. It was a very rushed version. Maybe he had his producer whispering in his ear to get the broadcast sped up after Richmond/Butler ran a little long.

Eastern Washington's Danny Pariseau is listed as a 5-11, 160-pound junior. He looks more like he's 5-8 and in eight grade.

19:43 in the first
Cats are setting a lot of screens, but they've also had two passes deflected out of bounds on this first possession. Maybe the team listened when Salim Stoudamire said that they needed to set more screens.

18:24 in the first
Eastern Washington is playing up-tempo. The refs are allowing a lot of contact. There is a lot of clutching and grabbing going on.

17:28 in the first
The last two series have seen two nice entry passes from Hassan Adams. He seems to be making a concerted effort to get the big men involved.

15:20 in the first
This one IS going to be physical. Fox got shoved out of the way when he was going for a loose ball and there was no call. The officials could lose control of this one if they are not careful.

13:59 in the first
I believe Eastern Washington has the cast of ‘Hoosiers" minus Jimmy Chitwood on the floor right now. I half expect Dennis Hopper to stagger out onto the floor the next time there is a call against the Eagles.

13:35 in the first
I'm not sure, but Eastern Washington's James Loe may have suited up for Shauaro's JV team Tuesday night. Loe makes Pariseau look like an elder statesman.

12:39 in the first
Salim Stoudamire may be the furthest thing from a shot blocker on the team, but he just sent a Marc Axton shot into the third row.

11:34 in the first
There is absolutely no energy in this building tonight. So much for the theory that during the holidays the real fans are the ones buying the tickets left behind by the students or given away by fans leaving town. I for one miss the McKale regulars.

9:41 in the first
Another bizarre no call. Jawann McClellan was grabbed going for a rebound. This time there was evidence. McClellan's shorts were twisted as far as they would go. McClellan stood there dismayed, with his shorts twisted all around, the "Cats" logo that is usually on the side, was prominently displayed in the front.

8:35 in the first
The past few weeks Olson has talked about how he has faith in Bret Brielmaier's defense. Well, that seemed to be more than lip service. The walk-on is guarding Axton, the Eagle's best player.

8:16 in the first
The Cats are in total control, but the Eastern Washington coaches are still instructing their players. This prompts a band member to yell "It's to late to teach them how to play. Take a seat." This causes EWU assistant Winston Brooks to start laughing.

4:35 in the first
Kenny "Deuce" Smith, not to be confused with NBA announcer Kenny "The Jet" Smith, thinks he is Hassan Adams. He just grabbed an offensive rebound and slammed it home one-handed in one move. By the way, Smith has "Deuce" next to his name on the EWU roster and in the box score the UA media relations department hands out.

1:17 in the first
How dead is the crowd? Eastern Washington is shooting a free throw and out of all the fans behind that basket, maybe five are waving their arms and making noise.

15:08 in the second
The refs must have 8:30 dinner reservations. Fox just hauled down a kid on the fast break and there was no call. Paul Butorac went up for a lay-up and Fox grabbed his arm, causing both to crash to the floor. Even funnier, the arm Fox grabbed was not the one with the ball in it. Not only was it a foul, it could have been ruled an intentional foul.

14:24 in the second
Frye is called for an offensive foul that looked iffy at first (replay showed it was a good call). The call wiped out a Hassan Adams' dunk. The fans booed mightily, but the most upset person in the arena is Salim Stoudamire. Salim is stomping around the bench, waving his arms in disgust. I almost expect him to stalk down to the end of the bench, grab a cup of Gatorade and then rip a clipboard out of the hands of a trainer.

10:30 in the second
Axton is starting to exert himself inside. He had been trying, unsuccessfully, to do damage on the outside but never got going. He's made his last two shots from inside the paint. He has just seven points. This is a guy who had 33 last week against Gonzaga.

8:02 in the second
The only Wildcat who is struggling is Jawann McClellan. J-Mac is just 1-4 from the line. Other than that the Cats look pretty good offensively. They are shooting over 50% from the field and are rolling.

7:00 in the second
Cats have a line-up of four freshmen and Salim Stoudamire. McClellan is at power forward and the tallest player is the 6-6 Brielmaier.

6:29 in the second
Here comes Matt Brase. Lute Olson must be getting soft in his old age. He never used to go to the bench this early in a blowout. I remember games where the Cats were up 40 and he wouldn't clear the bench until the final minute.

6:14 in the second
Only Brielmaier and Brase have failed to score. Surely with over six minutes to play both will get a bucket.

5:45 in the second
Brielmaier scores on a nice hook. Only Brase is left scoreless.

3:11 in the second
The Cats' clean-up squad is on an 11-2 run since Brase came in the game. He has a pair of steals and an assist, but no points. Time is running out.

2:02 in the second
Dillon tried a spectacular lay-in attempt, taking off from about eight feet away. Sadly he was about five feet too far. The shot was lucky to hit the side of the backboard and he could have easily been whistled for an offensive foul.

1:27 in the second
Brase misses the gimmie lay-in. This could be his last chance to score. Even Lute is laughing.

10.8 in the second
Cats have the ball and Olson orders them to run out the clock without running the offense. Brase will not score, the only player not to do so.

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