Three coming on strong for Tarver

Seth Tarver has begun his junior season alongside his brother Josh, opening to a strong 6-0 rank before falling to Hillsborough High School Wednesday. Right now Tarver is focusing on his junior year and at this point, college is not his top priority, but he is looking.

Tarver, a 6-4, 185-pound small forward from Portland, OR is pleased with the beginning of the season, and has been putting up good numbers.

"We're looking pretty good," said Tarver. "We had our first loss (Wednesday) against Hillsborough. I only had eight points in the game."

Despite failing to score double-digits, Tarver's numbers have been strong.

"I am averaging 16 points per game, but I don't know my other stats right now," Tarver explained.

Tarver shares the floor with his older brother Josh, who is committed to Oregon State, which creates a unique situation.

"It's cool playing with my brother, but we have always played together so it's kind of normal now," admitted Tarver. "It doesn't seem too different with Josh already committed."

Tarver has watched the recruiting process of his brother and has learned from it, but the two don't talk too much about it. Big brother Josh does not push the Beavers on his younger brother.

While Tarver is playing well thus far, he realizes his strengths, and understands the areas of his game requiring improvement.

"I can play every position," Tarver said. "I'm a good shooter, passer and rebounded. However, I need to consistently be more aggressive, especially hitting the glass."

Tarver has great length and athleticism. He is best suited as a wing forward but has had to play power forward over the summer and is comfortable bringing the ball up the floor. He has a good handle and the type of build that the Wildcat coaches love from their threes.

His junior season is clearly the area of focus right now, as Tarver is still wide open in terms of picking a school.

"I am interested in PAC-10 schools, and a few ACC schools including Washington, Arizona, UCLA, and Cal, but I am pretty much wide open," Tarver stated.

Although he claims not to have any real favorites, he does admit that a few programs have been coming a bit harder than others..

"Arizona, Washington, and Cal have been recruiting me the hardest," Tarver said. "I have no leader right now."

Tarver has natural ties to both Oregon schools as well as UCLA. His older brother Shon played for the Bruins and still lives in Los Angeles. Although Shon is a Bruin, when Cat Tracks chatted with him over the summer he admitted a fondness for Lute Olson and the games he played at McKale.

For now Tarver remains focused on his season, and has high hopes for his team for the rest of the season.

"I see our season going very well and us being a state contender," explained Tarver.

If Arizona, or any of the Pac-10 schools, can keep the pressure on Tarver while he is still weighing his option, Tarver may face his brother Josh twice a year.

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