Pondexter fights through tough start

Quincy Pondexter's junior season should be going better than this. Pondexter's team has a 6-4 record and Pondexter has been fighting a bad ankle sprain for the past two weeks. Despite the rough start, things are not all bad for the top-flight wing prospect.

"It's pretty rough," Pondexter said succinctly of the season so far.

Pondexter has been playing well for his team contributing about 20 points per game, but it has not been enough to lead his team to a great record. His San Joaquin Memorial High School team stands with a 6-4 ranking, and the losses have been close games.

"All of the losses have been within 3 or 4 points," Pondexter said. "Right not the team chemistry is not working. The losses are tough to deal with right now."

To make matters worse, Pondexter has been battling a nagging injury.

"I sprained my ankle two weeks ago and it still hurts," explained Pondexter. "I missed two games with the injury, and both were losses. It was tough on my team without me because we do not have too much depth. It was difficult for me to bounce back."

The season has been extra hard with all of the attention from college scouts. Opponents have placed a bulls-eye on his back by every night. It seems as if every team's goal is to shut down Pondexter.

"I've seen a lot of box-and-ones, and zone defense, with the best guy on me the whole game," He said.

The extreme defensive pressure being added on him is not the only aspect making things difficult. With the team's losses, and his injury there have been some chemistry issues on the team. Pondexter almost feels as if he was letting his team down when he couldn't play.

Despite the troubles on the court, Pondexter is still thinking about college, and one team has been added to his team of potential options.

"Georgia Tech has popped up as a school of interest recently," Pondexter said. "I am also interested in Arizona, UConn, Oregon, Washington, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Arizona is still the leader."

Pondexter has not shied away from proclaiming that Arizona was his number one choice all along. Pondexter's father and uncle both played for Lute Olson at Long Beach State, and it is clear that Pondexter wants to follow in their footsteps, but don't get your hopes up, there is still time.

"Anything can happen," said Pondexter about where he will ultimately decide to go.

Pondexter, however, still loves Arizona, and feels that they have everything he is looking for in a school.

"I want a school that plays up and down and is surrounded by a good fan base," explained Pondexter. "I love the tradition at Arizona and I love how the players can get to the NBA there.

"I hope to make a decision sometime between the end of the season or shortly after the conclusion of it," Pondexter explained.

However, for now the task at hand is turning around the season, and Pondexter is hoping his strategy will pay off.

"I am just trying to encourage my teammates so they can help out, and I won't see as many box and ones," said Pondexter.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: The good news is that Pondexter still loves the Wildcats. The bad news is that every time we talk to him he is pushing back the date that he wants to commit. At one point he thought it would happen December and now we are looking at March or April at the earliest. Reading between the lines it seems as if he wants to weigh all his options. Don't be shocked if he takes more visits in an attempt to have something to compare the Wildcats to. Right now the Cats are still the favorites, but we were saying that about players like Mario Chalmers, Martell Webster and Julian Wright a year ago at this time.

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