Coach's Corner

Lute Olson cut his weekly press conference a bit short on Tuesday. Instead of his usual half hour in a media work room, Olson answered a few quick questions courtside after practice. He may have been brief, but he was fairly blunt about a few issues.

On the Stanford loss:
"After looking at tapes of the Stanford game with the exception of containing penetration we did a great job defensively. We had hardly any defensive breakdowns, great communication, unbelievable pressure on their shooters.

"We did not put the ball in the basket. We had 23 offensive rebounds, we might have scored on only 8 of them. You have to do a better hob than that. If we would have done that we would have been over 50 percent again. We need to do a better job of containing penetration and when it gets late we have to get the ball to the open man and not to guys who think they need to have the ball in their hands which is the biggest fallacy in basketball. The guy who needs the ball in his hands is the open guy."

"SC is one of the most athletic teams in the league. They are one of the most experience. You talk about McMillan and O'Neil and the guy who really killed us has been Guenther. He is not starting."

They have pressed out of the 1-2-2. I don't think they will do that but if they did we would welcome that."

On the play of Isaiah Fox:
"I don't know. He just has not done the job. There is nothing we can do about it. It is him. The two biggest things is he needs to finish plays and he needs to front low post (guys)."

On the Pac-10:
"I said before the season started that the team that wins it will have four losses maybe five and it will go down to the final weekend. I don't think there is a gimmie, certainly on the road, and even at home. It is obviously that ASU will be a factor after we played them. The league will be a battle."

On playing at home:
"The home court is a big advantage, but you better play well enough to take care of your home court."

On how well recent practices have been:
"Practice has been great. They have really been working hard and they have been focused on doing the things they know we need to do better, starting with stopping penetrators. Their attitude is great. They are anxious to get after people again."

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