Quincy Pondexter interview

The Wildcats have long led for Fresno wing Quincy Pondexter and nothing has changed. We caught up with Pondexter when John Schuster and I filled in for Ryan Radtke on Tuesday. Here is a transcript of that interview.

Brad Allis: Let people know a little bit about yourself and your game.

Quincy Pondexter: I'm a 6-7 wing forward from Fresno, California. I'm a guard, forward, point guard even. I like to get up and down the floor. I really like the Wildcats.

Brad: You have an interesting reason for liking the Wildcats. Both your dad and uncle played for Lute Olson. Tell us about that connection.

Pondexter: Yeah, my dad and uncle played for them, so it is a kind of connection in following in the footsteps of my father. I don't pay too much attention to that stuff.

John Schuster: How often have they talked about how Lute Olson coaches?

Pondexter: I love how Coach Olson coaches. He really let's players play a lot. They get up and down the floor and I like that a lot.

Brad: Where are you at in your recruiting. I know Arizona is in good, but who else are you looking at and who else is coming on strong?

Pondexter: Kansas, Connecticut, Washington, Oregon and Georgia Tech is up there too.

Brad: Is it safe to say that Arizona is the leader right now?

Pondexter: Yeah, Arizona is my number one school so far. I really like the school and the atmosphere there. I love the program.

Brad: You came down for Midnight Madness. What was your impression of that night?

Pondexter: There were a lot of people there just for Midnight Madness. I just loved the city there. It feels like I'm at home. It's a lot like Fresno.

Schu: There are a lot of similarities between Tucson and Fresno. Fresno is not the largest city with sort of a small town environment, but it has half a million people. It is similar to Tucson in that regard. What are some of the similarities between the two?

Pondexter: It is very similar, it even looks sort of the same.

Schu: If you look at your list, there are some big time programs on there, you have teams like to get up and down the floor. Is the up-tempo something you are seriously looking at, or is it sort of a coincidence?

Pondexter: I love how people get up and down the floor. I think it is how basketball should be played. Those schools fit me perfectly.

Brad: What kind of timetable have you set for recruiting? Do you want to make an early commitment or go through the summer circuit?

Pondexter: I was planning on doing it sometime towards the end of the season, but nothing is set in stone. I am just taking my time and playing my games here in Fresno.

Brad: You've been to Arizona already, have you been to any of the other schools yet? Do you have plans to go anytime soon.

Pondexter: I have plans to go, but I have not been to any yet. I have plans to go within the next few months.

Brad: Are you the kind of guy who watches a lot of games and studies the game, or do you just go out an play all time?

Pondexter: I'm a student of the game. I watch games on television and tape all the time. I watch every college game, every pro game then I go out there and do it and practice it. I like to watch and learn from the best.

Brad: Is there player in pro or college that you model your game after? Is there any player that we'd say ‘Quincy Pondexter plays like this guy'?

Pondexter: It's Kobe Bryant or Tracy McGrady, one of those guys.

Schu: If Arizona is the favorite, and it sounds like they are, what's it going to take for one of these programs to wrestle you from the Wildcats?

Pondexter: They have to show me what they do better than Arizona to beat them out.

Schu: So what does Arizona do well?

Pondexter: The facilities were great there. I really enjoyed it. The coaching staff is really good. I really liked them. The campus atmosphere is really great there.

Schu: Do you really pay much attention to recruiting rankings at all?

Pondexter: I don't really pay attention to those things.

Schu: So how good are you?

Pondexter: I guess you guys have to come out and see.

Schu: Well, when you go out to all of these summer camps and face some significant competition. You get a pretty good idea about who is the big name players. When you go up against these guys do you stack up favorably with them?

Pondexter: Oh, yeah. I feel like a play with all those players in the top whatever they are in. I'm just a competitor, I love competing.

Schu: Do you enjoy the recruiting process?

Pondexter: I like it. It is different. From not being recruited very hard last year at this time to a lot of top programs wanting me is different.

Brad: Now you played on a really good AAU team in EBO. You played with the Lopez twins and Derrick Jasper and a couple other good guys and you get to play with some good players in high school. Not a lot of guys get to play with so many talented teammates. A lot of guys have to be the only option on their teams.

Pondexter: I've been playing with those guys forever. I really like playing with those guys. I'm a winner, I love winning. To go out there and lose every summer game rather than win every summer game, that's pathetic.

Brad: You played in the Pangos event this weekend, how'd that go? Pondexter: We lost by five. It wasn't too good of a game for us. We are short on players, we only have seven players right now.

We played (Los Angeles) Harvard-Westlake, Alex Stepheson's team.

Brad: He's another guy Arizona is recruiting. How does he look up close?

Pondexter: He played well. Me and Alex are very good friends. He played well. We battled each other. He blocked a couple of my shots.

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