Wildcat commits look good

SAN ANTONIO - The sun may have been shining, but it was not a warm sunny day. The wind was whipping onto the field and it gave a new meaning to the phrase ‘wind chill'. For many of the players on the West team it was the coldest conditions they have every played in.

The Wildcats have two commitments in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl and both Daniel Borg and Brandon Tatum have had good showings in the four practices this week. Two other players, Ekom Udofia and David Gettis claim they are still considering the Wildcats.

The big news is that Udofia claims the Wildcats are still in the mix. He had been quoted on Wednesday in claiming that he was down to just USC, Miami and Stanford, but he told us that you can include Arizona in that list, at least "a little bit".

"I'm down to four, I think four," Udofia said of the teams he is still considering. "I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm thinking about it a lot."

Udofia is not playing in the game due to a prior injury, but was on hand to watch the West Squad practice. He insists that he'll make his decision on Saturday during the game.

David Gettis probably won't wind up a Wildcat, but he said that the Wildcats are in his final four, due in large part to track coach Fred Harvey.

"They don't have a problem with you playing two sports," Gettis said.

There are some concerns about Gettis' ability to qualify and rumor has it that he is almost a lock for Baylor.

As it stands the Wildcats have two players in the game. Borg has actually been a player that has really turned some heads. Borg has been a very solid performer, surprising some who wondered if the was strong enough to compete with top tier players, but so far he has more than held his own with the West defensive ends.

Borg is as tall as any of the linemen. He lacks a little bulk, but his technique has rally turned heads. His footwork is very good and he has been able to use it to counter the superior speed of guys like Marcus Shavers (Arkansas) and Tyler Blum (Iowa). He did not allow a sack from one his men. Blum did get to the quarterback during a goal line drill when the coverage prevented Ryan Perrilloux to find an open receiver. He held onto the ball for five or six seconds before a couple of defensive players got to him.

He was not quite as strong on the run, especially when the play went away from him. He had a bit of trouble getting to linebackers and safeties downfield. When the play went his way he was a lot more effective.

Borg is playing right tackle and is serving on the PAT/FG team. Later in the day Borg participated in a wheelchair football game during media day. Borg and several other members of the West Squad had a lot of trouble matching up with a team made up of wheelchair athletes.

Tatum is also impressing a lot of people. Many are amazed that he is so good at pass coverage considering his height and size. He is being listed at 6-3, 200 pounds. Both numbers may be a tad inflated, but only a tad.

He is playing primarily at strong safety, but will also see time at free safety and can play linebacker in the simplified scheme used in the game. In college he'll most likely be a free safety, although he could play any of the defensive back positions.

He had a pick in 7-on-7 drills on an under thrown ball. It was one of the few times he was able to defend down field. Most of the time he was covering tight ends or slot receivers in the flats.

There were a few other players who considered Arizona on the team. Martellus Bennett is no longer considering the Wildcats, but the two-star just oozes athleticism. Bennett loves to laugh and joke and did it all practice long. At one point he ran a deep route and bragged about his 4.4 speed. After that an assistant coach quipped, "the only four-four I see is on your jersey." Bennett is wearing the number 44.

Mark Sanchez committed to USC early in the process, but did list the Cats early on. He struggled with the wind, but when he got into the Alamo Dome he excelled. It took a bonus round to do it, but Sanchez edged Perrilloux to win the quarterback challenge.

Kevin Thomas let a few receivers get behind him, but by the end of practice he must have had two or three pass break-ups and showed why the Trojans wanted him.

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