Game talk

All sides agree the 100-98 win for UConn was a great college basketball game. The game which wasn't settled until the end was a great contest between two solid basketball teams.

Jim Calhoun:

"This is the second best thing that happened to me today. The first was that my third grandchild was born today."

"I just told them that they have been involved in a tremendous game. Someone was going to be incredibly disappointed at the end of it because of all the emotion involved."

"This was a great basketball game, we were good. This was a classic game between two very good basetball teams."

"We were really excited. I waited 10 minutes just to go into the locker room after the game, because they (the Huskie player) were off the wall."

Lute Olson:

"We had our chances.We were in a position to win the game, but we did not make good decisions down the stretch. Now, the coaches are most concerned about what we can do to get them to play every possession right from the beginning. This is very frustrating for the coaching staff."

"We competed hard on the glass in the second half. They are a very physical team and they play very aggressively. They did a good job of keeping the ball out of Jason's (Gardner) hands late in the game. We had problems containing their penetration. They're guards are very quick, and it was hard to keep them out of the lane."

"We need to get a whole lot tougher, especially our frontline players. We need to play the first 10 minutes of every game like we played against USC. We cannot afford to continue to get ourselves into a hole every time. We have to get after every team from the tip."

"The tougher part of the schedule is going to happen now. We play the four California schools on the road, and we are going to have our handes full. We need to make our move."

Jason Gardner:

"The main thing when we were up by six points was that we needed to milk the clock, but we started to force things. I don't know what happened at the end."

"None of our guys are going to think about a possible four-game losing streak. We just need to play harder so we can come out on top."

Luke Walton:

"When we play like a team, we play really well. We just needed to stay up on defense. They moved the ball and had some good shots and they hit those good shots."

Channing Frye:

"We really left it all on the court today and I'm glad about that. I just don't like losing. I thought we had the game a lot of times, but we didn't quit or stop battling."

Salim Stoudamire:

"We celebrated early in overtime and we didn't play a good first half. We just haven't been able to figure it out yet."


*The Wildcats scored only 1 point over the final 3:56 of overtime.

*During a 15-3 run Salim Stoudamire scored 11 points. All 11 points came in a 3:13 stretch.

*Arizona got 5 points off the bench, all five by Will Bynum. UConn had 24 becnch points, 23 from Ben Gordon.

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