Coach's Corner: High praise for Huskies

Basketball was really an afterthought at Monday's press conference. Lute and Christine Olson announced that they were donating $1 million dollars to the University Cancer Center. After that staggering announcement, basketball didn't seem quite as important, but Olson took the time to discuss the upcoming showdown with Washington.

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Olson on the play of the freshmen:

"They learn more in a practice situation than a lot of these freshman starters in the league. They have games twice a week, these guys have to fight for their lives every week. I have said this about Jawaan McClellan that all he needs is a breakout game and he has been practicing extremely well. there s no question it helped his confidence, and Jesus' confidence."

On Washington:

"They are playing lights out. They have great depth and without a doubt they are the most athletic team in the conference, with us being second. They have great quickness. We have better size. It will be a good game.

"Much has been made about them beating us three times a year ago. I think if you remember Salim Stoudamire did not play here a year ago. We think he can make a little bit of a difference this time around."

On Nate Robinson:

"Nate is the heart and soul for them but playing day in and day out has been Trey Simons. He has been the most consistent. We will have our hands full, but so will they.

On the lack of depth a year ago:

"We could not go to the bench and get some help. it was not like they blew us out. All the games went down to the wire." They are now the hunted instead of the hunter and that makes a huge difference. We have been used to being the hunted ever since 85-86, every year.

On the hype for this game:

"I love it. Our players know when they come here when you get an Arizona jersey on your chest you are never going to get anybody's second effort. It is going to be an A game, everybody is going to come in excited about it. A person would have to be really out of it if they didn't know it is a big game.

"The biggest thing that you can do is hype the game so much they come out tight. The key thing for our stand point is we just go out and play and have fun playing and give it your best shot."

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