Stepheson still keeping his options open

Power forward Alex Stepheson is not too worried about recruiting. He has a number of big time suitors, but is focusing on his high school season. His Harvard-Westlake team has opened the season with a bang.

Stepheson, a 6-8, 200 pound junior from North Hollywood, has been having an excellent season to this point. He has led his team to a 16-2 record and has been putting up some big numbers.

"So far they're 17 (points) and 16 (rebounds per game)," said Stepheson commenting on his stats so far.

Despite their 16-2 start, Stepheson's team has found themselves in some tight battles.

"We beat San Juaquin Memorial two times," explained Stepheson. "We won in a good game."

San Joaquin is the High School where another Arizona prospect plays in Quincy Pondexter. The two players consider each other friends and each had some nice performances in the game.

"It was fun (playing against Pondexter), it was a good game," Stepheson said. "I had fun playing against him."

While Stepheson's team has the occasional close game or loss, they do have the ability to blow teams out of the water.

"We just played Alamene tonight," said Stepheson. "[It went] good. I had 17 (points) and 14 (rebounds) tonight. We won by about 30, but I don't remember the score at all."

Stepheson's performance, scoring and rebounding, has undoubtedly been a key to his team's performance. However, as a big time player, Stepheson has been faced with a number of different defensive looks in an effort to slow him down..

"I went through a box-and-one one time," Stepheson said. "It was okay. I think I had 15 points it was weird though."

Stepheson is not too worried about college as of right now. He has not put much of an emphasis on the recruiting game, instead focusing on the season. He is nowhere near making a decision, but he does have a number of programs he is taking a look at..

"[I am interested in] Wake Forest, Arizona, North Carolina, Duke, Washington, and Georgia Tech," commented Stepheson.

Needless to say the big man has some big time suitors. Stepheson's focus is not on colleges right now, he has his eyes on a different prize. He claims that recruiting is totally on the backburner.

"I don't have any plans right now," said Stepheson. "I'm going to focus on the season right now. I don't have any plans besides winning State."

With the way his team has been playing, it may not be so far from happening.

Stepheson visited Tucson for Midnight Madness and his interested in Arizona is still pretty high. There are a number of things he likes about them.

"I like how they're fast-paced, good coached," Stepheson explained.

The Wildcats' up-tempo style is a nice fit for Stepheson. Although he has some nice strength, Stepheson gets up and down the floor. He is a great finisher in transition. He wowed on-lookers in summer tournaments with some thunderous throwdowns.

While Stepheson's high school games have been going well, there was one aspect of his sporting life that he wishes could have gone differently.

"I wanted the Falcons to win," admitted Stepheson regarding the NFL playoffs. "I've been going for the Falcons all the way. But I think right now I'm going to go with the Eagles."

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