McCovey breaks down his favorites

Lakewood (Calif.) linebacker Adrian McCovey (6-3, 218, 4.65,'s #29 LB, 4 stars) now denies a leader but favors Arizona (1/11 official trip), Oregon State, Oklahoma (12/7), Miami (possible 1/28) and UCLA (did not take 1/18 visit).

"With everything that happened this past weekend I really need to take some time and sort this all out as far as where I want to commit," says McCovey.

"I couldn't take my trip to UCLA because I lost my wallet and I had no identification to show who I am. I want to reschedule with them soon, but I haven't set up a date yet. The coaching staff told me they still want to get me down there, even if it's for an unofficial visit.

"I know I could go into Arizona's program and get some early playing time. I like how they've got a new team there with some new coaches. They're all about business and they're doing a good job.

"Oregon State is known for sending linebackers to the draft every year. They're solid at that. And I really like my recruiting coach (DelVaughn) Alexander (wide receivers).

"Oklahoma is a good football team and it would be a great accomplishment if I went there and did my thing. I'd have a good possibility of going into the NFL draft and they're known for their great defense. They've got a great staff of coaches too.

"I don't know if I'll trip to Miami this weekend because there is a scholarship issue with them. They've only got one left for a linebacker, and it seems like they want someone to commit for the spot soon.

"If one of their coaches doesn't talk to me by Friday, then I will not take an official visit there…I'll be through with them.

"I'm still not sure if I'll try and take an official to Oregon. The coaches there think that I pulled on them or something."

Final SR (11-2) stats: 100+ tackles/4 sacks/1 FC/1 FR/5 TFL

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