Tarver focusing on his junior season

Arizona went to Oregon last week with two Portland-area players on the roster. They wouldn't mind adding a few more from the region. Seth Tarver is just such a player.

Tarver did not get to go watch the Wildcats as they swept Oregon and Oregon State. He had a game on Thursday night and could not get a ride to watch the Wildcats beat Oregon State in Corvallis.

Despite not getting to see the Wildcats on their road swing, Tarver says he is "definitely" interested in the Wildcats. He is also listing Washington, UCLA and Cal as the teams who are showing the most love at this time.

Like many players in the 2006 class, Tarver is more worried about his junior season and not the recruiting game. He is paying attention to what the colleges are telling him, but does not seem anywhere near ready to choose a school.

"Right now I'm not really thinking about that," Tarver said, echoing the sentiments of most of the juniors we've spoken with. "I'm just trying to focus on the season."

So far the season has gone very well. Tarver's Jesuit team has just one loss and are ranked first in the state along with Portland-Jefferson, a team they beat earlier in the season in an overtime classic.

Tarver is lucky to be on such a talented team. All too often top recruits draw the entire defensive attention of opponents, but Tarver does not have to worry about that.

"Our team is big, we have a lot of good players," Tarver explained. "You can't really box-and-one us because we have so many good players."

One of those talented players is his brother Josh, a senior who is committed to Oregon State.

"It's cool playing with my brother, but we have always played together so it's kind of normal now," Tarver said.

While Arizona was beating Oregon in Eugene, Jesuit was downing Century.

"We beat Century by about 15," Tarver said. "We were up by about 30. I don't know, the refs were trying to take over kind of."

CAT TRACKS ANALYSIS: Tarver is not getting a ton of attention right now, but as the summer approaches expect him to be one of the bigger names on the West Coast. Right now Portland's Phil Nelson is a higher rated recruit, but many think the Tarver is going to be the better player.

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