Game Talk: Arizona Falls to Washington State

Arizona fell to Washington State 70-63 at McKale. Following the game the quotes from the players and coaches clearly showed the team's dissaproval.

Head Coach Lute Olson

On the Game:

"I'm just not pleased. We came down looking for shots and not running our offense."

"The team that played the smartest and hardest won the game."

"They won. After we won on Thursday, we had to win on Saturday to stay on top. If not we would be back in the same spot we were on Thursday. I'm embarrassed how we played and the effort we put out. Washington State played great. We still had guys that were thinking about Thursday."

On Chris Rodgers' Absence:

"I wasn't happy with his response to Thursday. I did not let him practice yesterday and we'll see what happens on Monday. This is not about me, it's about us. I just didn't think that Chris was thinking about us."

"It would have been nice to have him play today, but he earned his seat on the bench. Just like Salim (Stoudamire) earned his seat on the bench at Marquette, and if somebody else earns their seat on the bench, I don't care if we win or lose it cause of that."

On Concerns Prior to the Game:

"The biggest concern we had coming into the game was guys forgetting about Thursday night and recognizing that they had a game on their hands. That's a difficult thing to do. You almost wish you were on the road where you control their time, because everywhere they're going on Friday after that great game on Thursday they're hearing how great they were, and they're hearing that all day long with the exception of on the practice court, and it was obvious. Our most experienced players should be smart enough to understand that every game people are going to come with fire in their eyes."

On What the Coaches Should Have Done Differently:

"We should have had them at the hotel last night, just like we would have on the road. It's not a case of any of them going out. I'm not saying that. But we made a mistake by not having them all together collectively to make sure that we were ready to play. Like I said, that's our mistake. We won't make it again."

On Thomas Kelate:

"Kelati just killed us."

On the Pac-10 Race:

"We gained an advantage on Thursday and gave it back to them Saturday. The only difference now is we have to play Washington up there rather than here."

On his Disappointment:

"I'm disappointed. We better do some soul searching, individually. To be as good as we can be, we have to be good at every position."

On Who's to Blame:

"It's just disappointing. Like I told the guys, if your position coaches are working to teach you and your not doing what they have been teaching you then it's your fault."

On What Went Wrong:

"I was very disappointed in the late possessions. I thought we took poor shots. In late possessions you have to take good shots."

Sophomore Guard Mustafa Shakur

On the Game:

"We definitely didn't do a good job. We didn't do what coach told us."

On What Went Wrong:

"We still didn't come out with any intensity as a team. We weren't tough as a whole."

"I don't think we were ready for this game from the start."

On Half-Time Adjustments:

"Coach told us to try and get the ball into Channing (Frye). We needed to be patient and stay focused."

On What to Do Now:

"We'll go back to practice and stay focused. We need to come focused for every game. Coach told us to buckle down and play defense like we're supposed to. As a team, we failed. We need to have everyone on their man."

Senior Center Channing Frye

On the Game:

"They outplayed us. We just didn't come to play today. This is definitely a letdown. I think people didn't take this game seriously. Washington State wanted to win more than we did."

On What Went Wrong:

"I just don't think our heads were in it like I said. I think the whole reason why we lost is our heads weren't in it. Some of us came out to play, and some of us didn't. We need to come out here and play like every game is the most important game, and we didn't do it today."

On Chris Rodgers' Absence:

"Definitely we are going to feel some of his absence. We didn't really know about that until I guess yesterday (Friday), but that's not an excuse."

On What to Do Now:

"We need to focus. We'll go back to practice and try to understand where we are and where we want to go. We just need to suck it up."

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