Brown down to a pair

Signing day is just days away. The Cats still have a few slots to fill and one five-star player may be considering the Cats until the end.

Lakewood (Calif.) linebacker Luthur Brown (6-2, 225, 4.7,'s #4 LB, 5 stars) says his final two considerations are Arizona and USC.

"I spoke with coach (Pete) Carroll yesterday (1/28). He came by my school and we talked. I haven't decided whether I'll choose between USC or Arizona yet, so I'm not ready to make any commitment," says Brown.

"I have to decide which team I'll feel most comfortable around and where I want to wake up every day at. It's 50/50 right now because I feel really comfortable around both schools' players.

"I won't be having any more visits from coaches. I last spoke with Mike Stoops on Tuesday (1/25). Coach Carroll is more like a coach who would also be a teammate of yours. He's not that serious. Coach Stoops is more like a coach who is your friend. He seems more serious. Both get the job done.

"Everybody loves the Trojans and their team. That's what I like most about them. Arizona is an up-and-coming team and I could be a big factor with them. Both the schools tell me they want me to play inside linebacker.

"I think there are plans to do something at my high school on Signing Day in our gym. That's when I'll tell everyone, except for my parents and the coaches, who will know before. I think my parents want me to go wherever I'm most comfortable and they'll be happy with what I decide."

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