Game Log: Cats lose bad one

When the smoke cleared it may have been the worst regular season home loss in years. Sure the Wildcats drop a game to a bad team nearly every season, but it never happens at home and it never happens against Washington State. Well, not until Saturday.

0:00 before the tip
The band played the national anthem. Does Washington State not warrant a singer? Actually, I much prefer the band playing the Star Spangled Banner than having to hear the same old, deep voiced, rendition we usually get.

WSU center Robbie Cowgill is listed at 6-10, 200. I'm not sure he is 190. The kid is skinny. Someone show him to the nearest buffet.

19:28 in the first
Sure enough, I make fun of Cowgill and he drains a 17-footer on the Cougs' first possession.

17:58 in the first
Derrick Low just drained a three. First he pitches Boston to a World Series championship and now he's playing point guard for Washington State. That my friends is one versatile athlete.

16:05 in the first
Mr. Blackwell here. Time for a uniform update. For some reason Washington State feels that they can get away with having only the word "State" on the front of their jersey. It almost looks like one of those generic jerseys you see in commercials or older sitcoms.

They also have no names on the back of the jersey. Instead they have their logo there, only it's a little bigger than a postage stamp.

10:51 in the first
Think Dick Bennett doesn't take his system seriously? Josh Akognon rushed a three-point shot and Bennett stormed down the bench to find a replacement. He couldn't yank Akognon out of the game fast enough.

8:26 in the first
The Cats take the lead for the first time. Daniel Dillon shows some nice moves on a drive to the basket and the Cats are up 17-16. Yeah, this game is being played at WSU's tempo.

6:56 in the first
Jesus Verdejo is now in the game. He is the ninth Wildcat to see action. One player who has not seen the floor is Chris Rodgers. I guess he is in the doghouse a bit, Isaiah Fox has already seen the floor.

5:17 in the first
Cue up the TIVO for SportsCenter. Hassan Adams just drove baseline and posterized Rodney Cowgill on a monstrous slam. I'm guessing it'll be around play eight in tonight's top-10.

4:18 in the first
Channing Frye just missed as many free throws on one trip to the line than the Wildcats did all last game. He missed two just now, the Cats were 38-40 on Thursday.

3:36 in the first
Salim hits his first field goal on a nice pull-up jumper. He then misses a wide-open finger roll on the next trip down. He makes up for it by stroking a three on the very next possession.

1:01 in the first
Jeff Varem is called for a goaltend. In case you did not know, Varem is from Nigeria. What I never realized is that "Jeff" was a traditional Nigerian name.

19:35 in the second
Arizona went over 14:00 in the first half without a foul. Channing Frye picked up the team's first less than :30 into the half when he was whistled for an offensive foul.

16:02 in the second
Okay, Dick Bennett is wearing a scarlet Nike sweater vest, but WSU's uniforms are designed by Russell Athletic. Granted their shoes are Nike, but shouldn't he wear something by Russell. I don't think his khaki's are Russell.

15:25 in the second
Chris Henry was just called for an offensive foul. Somehow he is allowed to play football for Arizona and basketball for Washington State.

9:45 in the second
Gotta give it up to the band. After a miscommunication led to a turnover on a failed backdoor play, the band began chanting "Fun-da-men-tals".

7:39 in the second
McClellan is back at SG, and still no sign of Chris Rodgers.

4:12 in the second
Not only have the Wildcats not put away WSU, but they are losing. They are down 58-57 and have yet to wake up. Granted, the Cougars are playing very well, especially defensively, but Arizona is making them look even better. If they lose this game the win over Washington means almost nothing.

2:59 in the second
We are officially on "streak watch". The Cats trail by two with under three minutes to play. At stake is sole possession of first place and the 38-game win streak over the Cougars.

2:20: in the second
Bonehead play of the night goes to Jeff Varem. Thomas Kelati drives the lane and tries to dish to a cutting Varem. The only problem is that Varem decides to jump for an offensive rebound, despite there not being a shot attempt. The ball rolls out of bounds harmlessly.

1:12: in the second
Huge play for the Wildcats. Down two, Stoudamire forces a loose ball and Shakur grabs it and races for a slam and a tie game. Arizona needs a stop.

:50.0: in the second
They don't get it. Kelati drains a three. The Cats fail to score on the other end when Frye attempts an ill advised three and now the Cougars are on the line with a chance to ice.

:30.1 in the second
Cats have their work cut out for them. They trail five with just over 30 seconds to play. If they don't pull out the win this is an inexcusable loss.

:24.7 in the second
Stoudamire misses an open three and Washington State corals the rebound. This game is over. The Cats cost themselves a few seeds in the tourney with this one.

A lone Cougar fan yells "the streak is finally over."

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