Stoops' signing day press conference

Although Mike Stoops will get a ton of credit for assembling the talent in this year's recruiting class, he will be the first to admit that the class was put together by his incredible coaching staff. Despite the hard work by his staff, it was Stoops who addressed the media to discuss the recruiting class.

Opening remarks:

"We have come along way. Obviously very excited about this year's class when you look at it from top to bottom it is a pretty special group in a lot of ways."

"We held these kids for a ridiculous amount of time, these commitments. To keep them all tells you a lot about the kids we recruited and are the kinds of kids we want in this program. They are guys that are committed to making a difference."

"It feels like Christmas to me today. There is no better feeling than to coach great football players. We have come along way in a years period of time."

In-state recruiting:
"We hit our state to get four of the top players out of the state of Arizona in our first full year of recruiting. That tells you the emphasis we put on the state of Arizona. Every one of those kids are special. To get the two top running backs and two of the top offensive lineman tells you about the inroads we made in a very short period of time. Opening our doors and getting out and meeting people and coaches and players really had a great affect. We recruited hard. We are happy with that."

"California is a place we had to recruit better and we did. To get the Eben Brittons, the B.J. Vickers and the Adrian McCovey, those guys, we had no shot at a year ago. We have come a long way in a short period of time."

Next he touched on each, individual recruit.

William Tuitama:

"He is winner across the board. To get a quarterback of that stature in your first year says a lot about your program. We are not about winning 6 or 7 games we are about competing for championships and that will always be the case here. That is why we have to recruit the best."

I'm not interested in the guys we didn't get. I'm interested in the guys we did get."

Offensive linemen:

" The offensive line group to me is special. It is probably one of the premier recruiting classes in all of football. You put that class up there with Iowa and Michigan. That is something we desperately needed. That is by far and away the strongest group as a whole. They are all very big, physical and athletic. It is a fantastic group."

"Joe Baresi

"A very physical specimen. He is going to be a fantastic offensive line."

Daniel Borg

"He is one of the premier offensive tackles in all the west. His play speaks for itself."

Eben Britton

"He is probably one of the best tackles in all of California."

Adam Hawes

"Left tackles in this profession are at a premium. He is one of those guys who has special talent."

Garrett Fields

"He is one of the most underrated players on the board. Garrett is going to be fantastic defensive lineman. I love what he does. He was not for whatever reasons highly rated as these other kids, his athleticism jumps out at me. He has unlimited potential."

Adam Grant

"To go up there and get Adam was a great get. Healso plays defensive end. He has great hands. If he grows in he can help us and be an immediate factor."

Corey Hall

"Corey hall is one of the premier safeties and one of the most athletic safeties, great hitter and great sped at safety. He makes tons of big plays. He is a big play guy."

Donald Horton

"Anytime you are first team all-state that is enough said in Texas."

Xavier Kelley

"Obviously Texas tried to come in and seal him from us but he stayed true to his commitment to us. He is fantastic football player. He can fly on the field and has great acceleration. He has an unlimited future."

Blake Kerley

A true center, that is what we really went after. Tough, physical and feisty. He has great toughness. That is the one thing I love about Blake."

Terry Longbons

"He is as explosive a back as you are going to see. His speed and physical play inside really jump out at you. His speed is unlimited and his acceleration is something I really like. He hits his gear very quickly."

Jordan Lowe

"His best football is in front of him. He loves Arizona and is a competitor. He wants to be a tremendous football player and already is."

Adrian McCovey

"He is one of the top linebackers in all the country. He was recruited by everybody. Adrian's talent speed for itself. He has range size, speed he is your prototypical inside linebacker. He is going to be a monster."

Michael Shelton

"I think Mike has special talents. He has great acceleration off the edge and is a great pass rusher. He also plays basketball. Anybody that knows if you play at Dominguez you have to have great athletic ability or they won't let you in the gym. That tells you a little bit like Mike."

Xavier Smith

"To get terry and Xavier gives us a one-two punch that every program needs. Xavier and terry are very physical and punishing runners and they both have the speed to go the distance at any time."

Brandon Tatum

"He can play virtually every position in the secondary. His size speed and vertical leap he possesses everything you want in a football player, that is for sure."

Michael Thomas

"You guys are going to love to watch him play. He can do virtually everything. He reminds me of a high level of a Troy Brown. He can return kicks, he can play receiver, he can run the football, he can play corner and he is a 10.35. He has one of the fastest times in all of Texas and he is not a track guy, he just has track speed."

William Tuitama

"Willie is a true competitor. He is a great team guy and a great leader and that is what you want at quarterback, that is for sure."

Michael Johnson

"Great range, a corner/safety. The athleticism to play corner and the size to play safety."

Spencer Larsen

"Watching his highlights on the tape gives us a great chance to have a great crop of linebackers to help out. We lost our two starting linebackers. We are going to have a great nucleus of linebackers to come in and give us a lot of options. It is going to be a very competitive spring for this linebacker group."

Brandyn McCall

" After we lost Steve Fleming it was a necessity we get a great tight end who can play at the line of scrimmage, and that is what Brandyn is. He is up to 250-255, your prototypical tight end"

Paul Nichols

"I have a great feeling about Paul. I feel like his toughness and athletic together give us a lot of options at the hybrid position.'

Byron Smith

"A big body inside and one of the premier defensive tackles last year in junior college. he is prototypical DT with great size and strength inside that we desperately need to come in and give us some punch in the middle."

B.J. Vickers

"He can catch and is big."

On guys making an immediate impact:

"There will be some guys to make an impact. I don't know right now. There is great speed and athleticism and they are all competitive kids. My thought is to get yourself ready to compete and come in and challenge for a position. we will see where that takes us."

"Freshman any more they want to come in as freshman. A number of them are talented enough and physical enough and mature enough;. the name of the game has changed a lot over the last two or three years. To recruit national players at this caliber will give us a chance to play some."

On everyone qualifying:

"We anticipate everyone to be with us. we got into recruiting as if everybody is going to qualify. We feel this group is further along than any group I have been associated at Oklahoma or anywhere according to their qualifications. We feel confident these kids will qualify."

On addressing needs:

"I think we upgraded across the board. overall our team speed and a size. To start out with a group that is so athletically talented gives you a great opportunity to build off their talents."

On holding onto early commitments:

"Sometimes it is scary holding all those commitments for along time. I have not slept in three days. I will sleep good tonight."

On the need for an early signing period:

"I don't see any disadvantages of having one. I wish they would. we spend virtually the whole month of January baby-sitting. You want to talk about cost containment, I laugh sometimes. we fly around the world, two coaches to see a guy in January just because some other team keeps recruiting them. What sense does that make?"

"Some schools don't want it because what would you do then, if you have all your guys you will be out recruiting juniors and getting an advantage on next year when other teams are still looking. I wish there were some flexibility. Some people the rich get richer and it does not help the poor. You have to look at all aspects. It just happens we got 90 percent of them committed in the middle of December."

On the need to recruit for 2006 already:

"You recruit 365 days out of the year. It is like not shaving. If you don't shave you look like a bum."

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