Game Log: Salim-O-Meter

Would Arizona come out ticked off or would they be flat again? It didn't take long to find out that the Wildcats were motivated. After a few minutes the question was not "if" the Cats would win, but by how much.

0:00 before the tip
The PA announcer just called Rod Benson a "zero". That's not very nice. Okay, actually he announced Benson as "zero, Rod Benson", not as "number zero". Richard Midgley is not starting. He's been hurt, but if he isn't ready to go it could be a long night for the Bears.

To me Midgley is a lot like Danny Ainge. You hate when your team plays against him, but you love it when you have him. I couldn't stand Ainge until the Suns picked him up. Instantly he became a favorite.

Now all Midgley has to do is make a series of horrible trades as the GM of an NBA franchise.

19:47 in the first
Cats run Salim off a screen on the in-bounds and he nails the early three. I'm projecting 25 tonight.

18:40 in the first
I've said it once, and I'll say it again, "nothing good can happen when Ivan Radenovic puts the ball on the floor." The Cats had a 4-on-2 advantage on the break and instead of passing right away, Radenovic took a dribble and ran into a Cal defender as he tried to pass. He got the travel call instead. 17:42 in the first
Five for Salim, twenty to go. He as a nice lay-in as he cut to the lane off an in-bounds.

15:50 in the first
Although he scored on a nice dribble penetration with a jump stop, fadeaway, I stand by the rule about Ivan not dribbling.

15:34 in the first
The shutout is broken, but the UA is cruising 11-2.

14:32 in the first
This is the team we've been waiting for. Adams gets the breakaway dunk and the Cats lead 15-2. They are dominating on all ends of the floor and playing like they are capable of playing. They are out shooting, out rebounding and out hustling the Bears. Good sign, now we see if they relax or if they put the foot on the gas.

12:38 in the first
Cats go 1-3-1. The thing I like is that they have Walters in the middle and Frye on the wing. The middle defender never rebounds as well. Sure enough Frye gets rebounds on the first two possessions in the defense.

10:39 in the first
Salim-O-Meter: eight down, 17 to go. He just nailed a three from the corner. He's 2-3 from behind the arc and 3-for-4 overall.

9:32 in the first
Ivan had a touch pass that was so nice that not only was Kirk Walters wide-open, but he was surprised. It took him a split second to realize he had the ball. He was so open that even with the delay, no Cal defender could step up to prevent the monster dunk.

5:18 in the first
Cal is on a 15-6 run in the last five minutes. The Cats led by as many as 21, but the Bears have crept back in.

4:26 Salim-O-Meter: a pull-up jumper gives him 10. He is 40% of the way there.

3:45 in the first
Bret Brielmaier returns for the first time in seven games. He has not played since they pulled Kirk Walters' redshirt. In fact, he has not played since the January 6th win over Cal in Berkeley. 3:01 in the first
The Cats score again off the n-bounds under their own bucket. This time it is Channing Frye with a nice lay-in off the lob.

1:59 in the first
Salim-O-Meter: Lay-in gives him 12. He used a screen and cut to the hoop for an easy lay-up.

18:18 in the second
Cal's Martin Smith looks a little bit like former Kentucky point guard Saul Smith. He's got better hair, but there is a resemblance.

16:30 in the second
Salim-O-Meter: Another pull-up, he's at 14. On two of the last three series Salim gave up the ball and was wide open after making the pass. The only problem is that his teammates missed the pass. Apparently they do not want my prediction to come to pass.

14:50 in the second
The crowd wanted a double dribble call on Marquis Kately and the official answered them by explaining that the ball was knocked away from him. I'm not sure I've seen an official do that so calmly during the flow of the game.

13:44 in the second
Salim-O-Meter: A three from the top of the key. He's at 17. 25 could happen if the Cats don't build too big of a lead. Luckily the Bears are on an 8-0 run.

7:35 in the second
Richard Midgley hurt his shoulder and I can see why. He drops that thing all the time. He just tried to level Salim with while trying to drive the lane. With his shaved head and British accent he looks more like a soccer hooligan than a basketball player.

6:51 in the second
Jesus Verdejo comes in to replace Stoudamire. This will adversely affect the Salim-O-Meter. Meanwhile Channing Frye has 20.

5:19 in the second
I think Verdejo means "loves to shoot" in Spanish. That guy can really get off his shot. He just buried one from the corner. I bet he averages a shot a minute.

4:46 in the second
I just looked it up. In Pac-10 play Verdejo has played 19 minutes and has taken 13 shots. He's got two in two in two so far.

3:20 Apparently Cal's Kevin Langford is the brother of Kansas standout Keith Langford. What I want to know is where are the "Keith is better" chants?

Cats are up 26 and the mass exodus is on. McKale will be half-empty in less than five minutes.

2:55 in the second
Cal just slammed home a lob pass. The only problem is that the ball was going in. The refs did not call basket interference. They must have 10:45 dinner reservations. There will be few, if any, calls the rest of the way.

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