Wilbur's Top-25

Everyone has a top-25 poll. USA Today, AP, New York Times, better Homes and Gardens. In the end polls are worth the paper they are printed on, but they hold just a little more weight when written by an icon. We bring you one such poll.

We here at CatTracks know Wilbur Wildcat very well. He comes over to the office and leaves some people sneezing, other laughing hysterically, and sometimes leaves us the type of treat we do not want.

He is an avid college basketball fan following the season and more importantly, the postseason intensely. He sat down with us and gave us his first ever Wilbur's Top25, with the rankings based on where the teams are at now and where he thinks they will be at the end of the season.

We will have more later of this exclusive sit down, but Wilma called him to let him know that he has got to take care of business on the home front so he can take care of business when the Golden Bears and Cardinal come into town this week. Some advice the Wildcats themselves should listen too...

Here it is, The first ever Wilbur Top 25 Men's College Basketball Rankings!!!

Here's the inaugural top 25 rankings - I hope they're wacky

1. Illinois - I may be a wild cat, but I'm not a stupid cat
2. Kansas - They remind me of our past Arizona teams - just doing things right.
3. North Carolina - They man-handled Virginia last week, grrrrrrr
4. Kentucky - Gotta love the relatives. These cats only lost to KU and UNC!
5. Louisville - Thumped Marquette by 47 pts - We only put up 48 total pts against them. yeesh.
6. ARIZONA - This is where I believe we should be before tourney time. We definitely have the potential, and have looked like a #6 when we actually lace up our shoes. In addition, there's no way I'm putting us below....
7. Duke - Hey, they lost one game. For me, that equals a drop of at least 5 spots. I'm being fair.
8. Syracuse - I pray we play them soon - I'm dying to find out if Otto is seedless.
9. Boston College - I see 5 games won by 3 pts or less. I say overrated.
10. Washington - Thursday the 27th seems so long ago.
11. Alabama - They doubled Mississippi State's score the other week. I still can't get over that.
12. Gonzaga - I like how they step up for their big games. Disregard the times when they never got off the bus.
13. Wake Forest - Lost 2 out of 4, and we should have beat them in New York. We weren't playing our best ball then, and still came within one shot of an "upset."
14. Pittsburgh - Can you believe they are 3-0 against top 5 teams? Those are some housebroken felines.
15. Oklahoma State - All I can think about it Eddie Sutton's hair. He should be their mascot. George Washington anyone???
16. Utah - I think they're the most underrated team in the country - They're used to that after football this year.
17. Michigan State - I have news for you... Sparty's on performance enhancing drugs.
18. Maryland - Hooray for the team that beat the devils! Gotta love the twerps.
19. Wisconsin - Sorry about the home winning streak. I thought we had one going at McKale before Saturday.
20. Villanova - They're like the relatives you only see at weddings. These wildcats are looking mighty hot right now, though.
21. Cincinnati - Bearcat? No no no, its "Bear Down," Cats. Silly Cinci - that would make an interesting animal, though.
22. Oklahoma - I guess I'm still bitter about the '88 final four loss.
23. Texas - Lets just say they're lucky they didn't take another crack at us after two years of wildcat beatings.
24. UConn - They're really starting to look overrated. Compliments on keeping the Husky groomed, though. That's something the Seattle "Dawgs" know little about.
25. Stanford - May seem like a stretch now, but I think its only a matter of time. (long after the 5th, mind you.)

The author of the article is actually one of the students who dons the Wilbur the Wildcat costume. Obviously, we cannot reveal his name or actual photo as to preserve the sanctity of the Wilbur mythos.

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