Game Log: Make-up calls for make-up calls

Stanford came in with the dual win streaks. They had a series and a McKale win streak. Both were snapped as the Wildcats put on a clinic on both ends of the court.

2:11 before the tip
I like to sleep in as much as anyone, but 11:00 is not that early. The arena is just starting to fill up, but the student section is less than half full. Five minutes ago the entire arena was half full. The students want a better student section, but can't get to the game on time. When I went to the Kansas game two years ago (and I know Kansas/Arizona is a bigger deal than Stanford/Arizona), but the students were in front of the gym at 7:00 a.m. and were inside chanting and cheering hours before the tip.

0:00 before the tip
Lute and the staff are dressed casually. It is part of a cancer awareness campaign b the National Association of Basketball Coaches. All of the coaches (and staff) are wearing red golf shirts, khaki's and sneakers. Lute mixes it up with a red sweater vest and sneaks. The Stanford staff is sporting sneakers as well, but chose to go with their customary suits. Even Brian Jeffries, the voice of the Wildcats, is on board with the sneaks.

18:43 in the first
So far, so bad for the Cats. They have two turnovers and rushed a shot on a transition. The only score came when Ivan Radenovic muscled for an offensive rebound and got a put-back.

17:11 in the first
The Cats have three offensive rebounds and four second-chance points. Two of their four field goals have come off the glass and the other two were Channing Frye jumpers. He has six and three already.

15:09 in the first
I'll never pretend to understand fashion, but there is a guy in the front row wearing jeans and a gray, faded t-shirt. Normally that works, but he is also wearing leather sandals and a sport coat. Sandals and a sport coat have never been in my wardrobe. Maybe they should be as this guy is in the high priced seats.

14:50 in the first
Channing Frye is hammered across the arm going up for a shot with no call. I guess the welt on his arm and the sound of skin slapping is not enough to warrant a whistle.

13:20 in the first
I spoke (wrote?) too soon. Not only are the students here in full force, but they are standing and loud. Maybe they were tailgating. A good chunk of the alumni are standing as well. The entire center section behind press row has been standing up for most of the game. I guess Lute gave them a talking to.

11:48 in the first
By my count the Wildcats have five offensive rebounds and three blocks. The big men are getting it done. Frye has six points and Radenovic has two, combined that's eight of the Cats' 14 (Rodgers has the other six).

Random thought of the game: where do twirlers come from? I mean do little girls still play with batons? When I was a kid every girl on my block had one (we used to sword fight with them), but I can't remember the last time I saw a kid with one. I wouldn't even know where to buy one. I mean is it hard to recruit twirlers? I know plenty of kids who play the trombone or flute, but not the twirlers.

10:34 in the first
Without being politically incorrect, let's just say that Stanford is not practicing a whole lot of diversity with their current line-up. Wait they just remedied that by replacing Matt Haryasz with Rob Little. And here I thought that Stanford was a bastion of Liberal Thought, wait that is Cal-Berkeley.

9:11 in the first
Rob Little just threw an outlet pass to Chris Hernandez, but the point guard was not looking and the ball sails out of bonds. Little looks pissed, like he is ready to crush Hernandez. Little does not live up to his last name, he is a big dude. Hopefully, that is also true for Matt Haryasz as well.

7:44 in the first
They may not math Ike Diogu's 39 last Thursday against the Cardinal, but Frye and Radenovic have combined for 14 points and 10 rebounds. Kirk Walters also had a sweet baby hook. Haryasz and Little are solid as well, teaming for 11 and four.

7:02 in the first
Another monster block by Frye. It looked like he was spiking a volleyball.

6:26 in the first
Cats catch a break. Shakur gets a loose ball and races down court where he is repeatedly bumped by Fred Washington. There is no call, but Shakur holds onto the ball and kicks it to a wide open Salim who buries the three to put the UA up 29-21.

5:08 in the first
Last game I kept a "Salim-O-Meter" to chart his scoring.. Maybe today we need a Frye-O-Meter. He's already at 10 and five and as I typed that he assisted Salim on a three. Cats lead by 11, 36-25.

1:50 in the first
Walters just sent a Stanford shot sailing into the student section. That is at least four blocks today.

17:44 in the second
The refs are a little whistle happy. So far six fouls in less than 2:30. They are giving make-up calls for their make-up calls.

16:26 in the second
Arizona's starting front court of Channing Frye and Ivan Radenovic are sitting at 20 and 13. Make that 20 and 14, Frye just nabbed his eighth rebound.

15:11 in the second
I'm pretty sure this game would be better officiated if the players called their own. That way their would be peer pressure against calling ticky-tack fouls and any real disputes could be decided by shooting it from the top of the key.

14:34 in the second
Worst. Officials. Ever. Ten fouls in less than six minutes. Uh, make it eleven. Frye jams home a monster dunk and draws a foul. Frye needs to go for the dunk every time. He'll draw more contact and not have to worry about having fouls shots rattling in and out.

13:39 in the second
Two more blocks. Adams rips one, almost out of the kid's hand. Then Frye gets a piece of a Haryasz shot. Now he and Ivan are at 26 and 1. Frye has a double-double at 15 and 10.

12:30 in the second
Both tams are already in the bonus. Frye, Little and Haryasz all have three fouls.

11:55 in the second
They just did the "Subway Ultimate Fan" contest thingy on the video screen. They had all these great shots of students and rowdy fans with signs and face paint and pom poms and at the end the music ends and they don't have a good fan on screen. They quickly with to a shot of an old lady who is barely cheering.

10:57 in the second
The good news is that Arizona leads by 18, the bad news is that Channing Frye has four fouls. Lute pulled him when he picked up his third, but put him back in a minute later. Not sure why he was n there, but it could hurt the Cats in the end.

8:37 in the second
A Stoudamire runner makes it a 20-point game. He may have taken a few extra steps, but these officials don't seem to be making a whole lot of correct calls.

7:25 in the second
Ernie, er Dan Grunfeld shoves Chris Rodgers with a forearm and buries a three. What does Rodgers do? Fakes Grunfeld out of his Nikes with a cross over and scoots home for an easy lay-in.

6:39 in the second
Somehow Ernie's kid has 18 points. He had seven at the break and it seemed like he had that many until a few minutes ago. I have to give him some credit. He's not the most athletic guy, and not a pure shooter, but he just finds a way to score.

1:03 in the second
Freddy "Boom Boom" Washington has a couple of garbage buckets. The refs aided him b swallowing the whistle. They allowed him to catch his own airball and put it back in.

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