Canales discusses the offensive recruits

Mike Canales is a happy man. After a year where his Wildcat offense struggled, he sees great things on the horizon. The 2005 recruiting class is loaded with offensive talent. He breaks down the offensive side of the class in this exclusive interview.

"He's (William Tuitama) got ‘it'. He's what you're looking for in every quarterback. He's mentally and physically tough. He's intelligent. He has great football awareness. He's competitive. He guided his team to the state championship.

"He has as good an arm as anyone. He's mobile enough to move in the pocket, and he'll make all the throws. Great leader. I was so impressed with how he handled himself. He makes the players around him play above their potential. The players around him perform at another level. I'm so excited to get him here in June. It's going to be exciting to get him here."

"Brandon McCall, the tight end, has put on 15 pounds already. He's on the supplement drinks, the MetRx shakes, Paul Phillips has put on 12 pounds. On junior day, three kids were doing extra effort and extra work for spring ball. It shows you the kind of character Coach Stoops is bringing in."

"B.J. Vickers is thick. He's a good receiver. Somebody came in and introduced themselves, and I said this is BJ Vickers, he just gave us 100 yards in total offense. We're going to go from 300 to 400 just like that. These kids are going to make us so much better, so much faster. B.J. will make a lot of plays."

"(Adam)Hawes will be a great addition in the summer. You talk about Eben Brittain, he's a big mountain man. Even though he's young, he brings a lot things to the table. He's in the mix, and he's contributing. Daniel Borg handled himself very well at the Army All-American game."

"I was really pleased to see him play as well as he did. Xavier Smith and Terry Longbons, they bring a lot. When I see Longbons, I see Eddie George, big, strong,strapping downhill running back. Xavier is a threat to get outside and can still work the middle of the field. They both have their strengths. Terry needs to be able to catch the football."

"Adam Grant can come in and help us right now. He's going to 6-6, 6-7, 255. He'll hit the weight room and come here at 265 and be able to contribute and help us immediately. Blake Curley (at center) can get some experience early and help us."

"Jordan Lowe can come in and play center/guard. The big thing for these kids is how fast they can make the transition. That's what we need to figure out."

"Michael Thomas has the capability of being a versatile receiver, and could play a little running back. He brings that type of dimension to the offense."

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