Stoudamire has his eyes on the NBA

On Wednesday most of the basketball world had their eyes on Durham, NC and the Duke/North Carolina game. One player who was not watching it was Salim Stoudamire. Stoudamire may be one of college basketball's best players, but he does not like the game.

"I don't like to watch college basketball at all," Stoudamire confessed. "I'm all about the NBA."

In fact, Stoudamire claims that the only television he watches is the NBA Package and NBA games on ESPN. The only college basketball he watches is the game films that the coaches show them in preparation for the next game.

"I watch the NBA every day," Stoudamire confessed. "It's about the NBA Package."

Being from the Portland area it should come to no surprise that Stoudamire is a big Trail Blazers fan. Of course it helps that his cousin, former UA great Damon Stoudamire. But he also has an affinity for another Trail Blazer guard.

"I compare myself to my cousin and Nick Van Exel," Stoudamire said. "That's why I watch Portland whenever I can. I like to see those two play and pick up things."

The comparison to Van Exel is very fitting. Both players are undersized two guards who have to play point guard at the next level. Both can fill it up, but have their share of attitude issues. Van Exel's attitude problems were one of the reasons that the talented scorer from Cincinnati fell to the second round and has been one reason he has bounced around from team to team.

Stoudamire's attitude is one reason many draft projections have him going in the second round. His size did not help either. Despite being the best three-point shooter in the nation, most NBA teams will shy away from a 6-1 shooting guard.

Another player Stoudamire really admires is Kobe Bryant, at least on the court. While Salim is quick to praise his ability, but surprisingly, he was also critical of Bryant's recent off the court troubles.

"Kobe, that's my favorite player," Stoudamire said. "At least on the court, he's a great player but I am not so sure about what he's done off the court."

As it stands Stoudamire is one of the best players in a sport he does not watch. He devours the NBA but won't watch college basketball. The biggest question is whether or not he'll one day play in the league that he devours on a nightly basis.

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