Hawes On Verge Of Slicing List

One of the more interesting aspects of following recruiting is analyzing how each particular prospect handles the process. For his part, Spencer Hawes has been schooled very well when it comes to handling the interviews and attention that comes along with being one of the top prospects in the country.

Always gracious, Hawes has mastered the art of giving writers plenty to work with while managing to keep where he's leaning close to the vest.

"It's one of those things that you do so many times you kind of get used to it, you play a game and then you answer questions" said Hawes of dealing with the press. "It's not negative but it almost becomes part of a routine. It's still fun though and not really a burden."

When you are in a guy like the 6-11 junior from Seattle (Wash.) Prep's shoes and you're considering the likes of Washington, Stanford, Arizona, UCLA, Gonzaga, Kansas, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Texas and Duke among others it is only natural that you'll get a lot of attention. Still, Hawes understands that he can't manage a list that long for much longer so he'll be looking to cut things down in the near future.

"Probably within about a month or so I'll cut the list," Hawes told InsideCarolina. "I'm still thinking right now and still considering everyone. I want to get it a little more manageable though."

However, trying to get Hawes -- who spent much of Wednesday evening flipping between the UNC-Duke and Kansas-Kansas State games -- to expand on which teams will make the cut is tough. Hawes admitted that Washington would likely be on his list, but outside of that he isn't into discussing exactly who will or won't make the cut down to five or six schools.

Some close to the recruitment have indicated that UNC is expected to make the cut, but Hawes remained mum.

"I'm looking at schools and what they are doing this year and where they'll be," said Hawes. "I also look at how I'd fit in future and want to know how they see me in their system."

With a league championship to play against bitter rival Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach on Friday evening, Hawes is still focused on his high school season. He's become much more demonstrative on both ends of the court and inside the team huddle, he credits touring the country on the summer circuit for much of his improved play.

"I kind of look at AAU as having another season under my belt," said Hawes. "Out there I didn't have to be the guy to take the shots but now I have that confidence to go out there and be that guy."

Looming large after the league championship is the state playoffs and after them it will be time to cut his list. Even if he isn't hinting yet as to where he'll visit, Hawes does hope to fit in two or three spring visits but he isn't looking forward to having to eliminate some schools.

"I think I could find a reason to go to any of those schools," said Hawes. "The hard part is going to be saying no to somebody after developing relationships.

Spencer Hawes

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