Duck Hunt

Arizona got off to a slow start but ended up dominating the Oregon Ducks. The Wildcats two seniors once again led the way as they played one of their last games at McKale Center. Salim Stoudamire also hit a milestone in the game.

There were plenty of shots being put up in the first half but few actually sinking for either team. Fans could see the poor shooting was frustrating the Wildcats. They have been so good from the field all season long that the Cats weren't used to missing so many shots. Arizona had four air balls by the end of the half.

The game got kicked off with an air ball as Stoudamire missed a shot from three-point range, but Channing Frye was able to recover the ball and put the first two points on the board for Arizona. Oregon's Bryce Taylor matched that with a three pointer. Frye appeared to be the only Wildcat who could score, as he put up Arizona's first six points. A three pointer by Oregon's Chamberlain Oguchi put the Ducks on top by four.

At the 12:00 mark Frye and Stoudamire had scored all of Arizona's 12 points. Coach Lute Olson put Kirk Walters in for Frye after the center ran into foul trouble. Walters came in with a bang. He hit a big dunk to make the game 15-14. Chris Rodgers then got hot from behind the arch, hitting a three and putting Arizona back on top. This was followed by an ally-oop from Rodgers to Hassan Adams. Another three from Rodgers gave the Cats a four-point lead at 25-21.

Frye was able to get inside and score two points after an assist by Adams. Sophomore guard for Oregon, Aaron Brooks was able to drive in and get past Frye making the game 40-34 in favor of Arizona. The Cats closed the half in dramatic fashion as Stoudamire hit a three pointer from long distance, even for him.

At the half Arizona led by nine points 43-34. However, the shooting still wasn't there as the Ducks were out shooting the Cats on their home turf. Oregon was shooting 48% and Arizona just 37% from the field. Malik Hairston was Oregon's leading scorer at the half with nine points. Frye and Stoudamire were the Cats top scorers. Frye had 12 points and Stoudamire racked up nine points by the end of the first half.

Arizona got it together in the second half and began shooting much better. Frye landed a big slam after being left wide open to get the second half started. Hairston matched that with a slam dunk of his own. Then came the milestone three-pointer by Stoudamire (his 300th three-pointer making him the fourth all time in Pac-10 history) making the game 50-42. However, the celebration didn't last long as Taylor hit a three of his own. The Ducks were now within five points of the lead.

The Ducks battled but Arizona proved to be just too strong for them. A steal by Frye allowed Mustafa Shakur to drive in and dunk which began Arizona's goal to blow the game wide open. Frye was able to go inside and score after being fouled, turning it into a three point lead. Another Wildcat dunk by Adams after a long pass down court by Rodgers put Arizona up by 12 points. Stoudamire widen the lead to 15 points after hitting another shot from behind the arch.

Adams put in two points from the free throw line and concluded an 8-0 run by the Cats. Arizona's field goal percentage was now up to 67%. Stoudamire continued the onslaught by hitting another insane three pointer from long distance. Rodgers grabbed a steal and got a pass into Jawann "J-Mac" McClellan gave the Cats a 20 point lead. Rodgers put his team up by 25 points after hitting a three.

Stoudamire and McClellan continued to give the fans what they wanted by hitting back to back slam dunks. When the dunking specticle ended Arizona had their biggest lead of the game at 29 points. Olson now decided to let the others have fun and brought in Daniel Dillon, Jesus Verdejo, Isaiah Fox, Matt Brase, and Bret Brielmaier into the game. They helped close everything up with the final score of 92-67.

Frye and Stoudamire were the forces behind the victory over Oregon. They combined for 41 points. Frye had 19 points and Stoudamire landed 22 points. Frye also played well defensively. He had a career high seven blocks in the game. Adams and Rodgers also contributed largely to the win. Adams finished with 17 points and Rodgers with 11 points. Rodgers also came off the bench in a big way by grabbing nine assists, a career high for him. There were moments in the game when the shooting was horrible by the Cats but they didn't disappoint. Arizona picked up their 37th victory over Oregon and put on a slam dunk show in the process.

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