Game Talk: Arizona Defeats Oregon

Arizona struggled early on, but a strong second half was enough to lead the Cats to their fifth straight win. The coaches and players were pleased with their performance and looking ahead to Oregon State after the game.

Head Coach Lute Olson

On the Game:

"(Hassan) Adams had a big second half getting passes into people and (Channing) Frye challenged people on the drive. Frye raised a lot of shots and had seven blocks that protected the basket well. There was a good, solid performance out of (Jawann) McClellan. We had blocks out of a few more of the guys, it was a great team effort."

On Defense:

"The defense created a lot of options for us tonight. I think we had 20 deflected shots and anytime you have that many, it will cause turnovers."

On the First Half:

"In the first half we took too many quick shots."

On the Turnovers:

"I think we played the first half with a total of two turnovers and we had 11 for the entire game. That is the first time in a long time we had our turnovers down that low."

On the Seniors Final Home Games:

"It doesn't seem that long ago that we recruited those guys."

"It's great having players start for four years and stay for four years, which is a rarity."

"I'm very pleased with all three seniors."

Senior Guard Salim Stoudamire

On the Team:

"The main thing is we're trying to win, and we're trying to continuously get better."

"When Channing (Frye) and Kirk (Walters) play well inside it really opens up the perimeter."

"It's a matter of everybody being on the same page."

On His Performance:

"I was battling myself (in the first half). I was worrying about my shot instead of just letting it go."

"I wanted to get a dunk tonight, so I kind of cheated off my man and got the steal."

On Oregon State:

"(Oregon State) is actually better than Oregon. We can't come out in the first half like we did tonight and let them get an early lead. Expect us to come out a lot better early on."

Senior Center Channing Frye:

On the Game:

"We wanted to establish on the inside because they're always going to be attacking Salim (Stoudamire)."

"We've had very good practices and I think that's why we played well. We work very hard in practice, and I don't think it shows up in our games, but it did."

On the Team:

"I guess we're going to dunk everything for now on like the coaches say."

On Kirk Walters:

"I told you guys he was good, but nobody wanted to believe me. I kind of taught him everything he knows. He's growing up, and he's going to be one of those phenomenal athletes."

Junior Guard Chris Rodgers

On the Game:

"I thought Channing (Frye) did a great job. He made himself big and we were able to get some easy buckets. (Oregon is) a little small on the inside, so we wanted to give Channing a lot of easy touches."

On the Team:

"We're coming along. Our defense is better. We're making it very tough for teams on offense."

"I think the guys off the bench did a great job, and the starters really stepped it up."

On His Performance:

"The guys did a really good job of helping me out as far as completing shots."

On Oregon State:

"OSU is a good team. They always play us very tough. We just need to go out and give a good effort."

Junior Guard Hassan Adams

On the Game:

"(Oregon) was really spread out on the zone, so if I was open I'd take a shot or I'd get it to Channing Frye."

On the Second Half:

"In the second half we wanted to come out in the first five (minutes) and jump on (Oregon) early."

On Strategy:

"We're trying to work the inside-out. Channing (Frye) did what he's supposed to do tonight."

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