Game Log: Cats roll at the end

It was a battle of the hottest team in the Pac-10 vs. the conference's biggest group of underachievers. The Wildcats looked very good, while Oregon showed just enough talent to make you wonder why they aren't better.

3:00 Before the tip
Saw the refs stretching and running in place in the hallway. I guess you have to do a lot of preparation to blow calls all night.

0:00 Before the tip:
According to the P.A. announcer there is no interacting with the players in a "threatening manner". I guess we really needed to warn the fans at McKale about that. There have been a number of alums at courtside brandishing weapons. Thank you Ron Artest for all you have contributed to the game.

18:53 in the first
So far the Ducks have no answer for Channing Frye. Maarty "Extra E" Leunen can't handle the much taller Frye.

18:30 in the first
Here comes Mitch Platt in for "Extra E". Platt is a dead ringer for Hyde in "That 70's Show" on Fox. All he's missing is the tinted glasses and an Aerosmith shirt.

17:55 in the first
In a move you may find shocking, Oregon missed a free throw. They shoot just 66% from the line and you may remember Jordan Kent missing a pair that would have beaten Washington.

17:48 in the first
They are piping in "Defense, defense" crowd noise. McKale is quiet, but not so quiet that you have to pump in fake crowd noise. What is this, pro wrestling?

16:45 in the first
Oregon is on their third center. That 70's Center is on the bench and Ray Schaffer is now in the game. Schaffer is a lot less funny than either Leunen or Platt. He just looks like a big guy with a shaved head.

15:43 in the first
Okay, we are in a television timeout and they are using prerecorded music instead of the band. This is okay if the cheerleaders were dancing, but they are not. Just some bad hip hop music.

14:51 in the first
Cats go 1-3-1 and Oregon burns it. They make seven or eight passes and bury a shot from the corner.

14:23 in the first
Mustafa Shakur just hit the side of the backboard on a jump shot. He is now 0-3 from the field and is about to be pulled.

13:37 in the first
Frye redeems himself with a monster dunk. Ivan lobbed a pass into the post that looked a bit high, but Frye went up and grabbed it. He used a pump fake and then posterized Schaffer by dunking in his face.

11:41 in the first
Walters gets the offensive rebound down low and instantly thinks dunk He went up strong and jammed it home, which sent the crowd into a frenzy. Sadly, he picks up the bad foul on the other end to halt the momentum.

10:54 in the first
It may be common place, but it never gets old. Rodgers gets the steal and feeds Adams for an alley-oop slam. Cats are 7-1 run and Ernie Kent calls the timeout to try and halt momentum. It was a nice reward for Adams who helped force the turnover by playing aggressive defense on Chamberlain Oguchi.

8:55 in the first
By the way, Maarty Leunen is not the 6-9 he is listed as. Assuming Kirk Walters is 7-0 (he's listed at 6-10), he has Leunen by a good five inches. If he is only 6-10, then Leunen is closer to 6-5, than he is 6-9.

6:53 in the first
Frye has 10-points and isn't playing great. He had the airball and has missed a couple of fairly easy shots. Wait, he just missed a dunk, but the Ducks have no answer inside.

4:58 in the first
The Cats just can't shoot. They are missing shots they normally make. Ivan airballs a three, Salim barely hits the back iron on a longball and then Hassan just missed an fastbreak lay-in. I bet they are under 35%.

20.2 in the first
The Cats look terrible and still lead by six. In fact they are on their way to 80. Obviously, some of that is due to the pace of the game.

00.0 in the first
So what happens? After a poor first half, Stoudamire drains a 22-footer at the buzzer and the Cats take a 43-34 lead into the half.

20:00 in the second
Just saw Amanda Beard in the hallways of McKale. There is no doubt that she is very attractive, but you'd never guess by seeing her in a sweatshirt and jeans that she was worthy of inclusion in the SI Swimsuit Edition. I was also surprised by how short she was. Somehow I imagined that she was like Jennie Finch tall.

18:50 in the second
Despite shooting less than 50% Frye has 14 points. The sad thing is that he is having a below average game.

17:01 in the second
The Cats are just off. Their shots are off, their passes are off. They just look bad, yet they are still winning. While they are out of synch, they really aren't turning the ball over. They had two in the first half and have just two so far.

14:54 in the second
Yay, the wave. Why has no one gotten sick of it yet? I thought it was cool when I was eight, but I haven't done it since about 1990.

11:53 in the second
One advantage to playing at Oregon is the Nike stuff. Jordan Kent has green, yellow and black Nike high tops with the Oregon "O" on them. They also have his number embroidered. He is the only player with that style, maybe since he's the coach's kid he gets to wear the prototype.

11:22 in the second
In a rare move, Olson has adjusted his line-up to what Oregon is doing. Oregon is going small, so Adams is playing a lot at the four. The only problem for Oregon is that the Wildcats are excelling with the smaller unit on the floor. An Adams dunk just put them up 12.

9:52 in the second
How fast is Stoudamire's release? Shakur threw a pass behind him that Salim had to reach back and reel in. He still got the jumper off before a Duck defender could get anywhere near him.

8:46 in the second
This just in, Malik Hairston is good. The freshman has 19 points and has been a tough match-up for whichever Wildcats is guarding him. If he comes back next year, he should be in the mix for Pac-10 Player of the Year honors.

Of course both Frye and Stoudamire have 17.

5:05 in the second
Start the bus, this one is over. The Cats are on a 7-0 run made up of two transition lay-ins and a Salim Stoudamire three. The Cats have pushed the lead to 20, 77-57. We may now be on Matt Brase watch.

2:59 in the second
All Walters does anymore is look to dunk. For the most part this has been effective, but I thought he took off from a few feet too far. The joke was on me, Walters slammed home a nice two handed dunk after taking off from about five feet away.

2:02 in the second
How do you cap a win? How about back-to-back breakaway one-handed slams? First it was Salim, then McClellan. They were so nice that even Lute had to smile and laugh.

Lute then called a :20 timeout to get the clean-up crew in. Brase watch is over at 2:02.

27.9 in the second
Matt Brase should never listen to the crowd. Despite being closely guarded, he put up a terrible three pointer at the urging of the crowd. After a pump fake he launched a shot that missed the rim by two feet and drew nothing but glass.

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