Game Talk: Cats pleased with sweep

STANFORD, CALIF.--There was plenty to talk about after Arizona's stunning 88-82 overtime win at Stanford Saturday night. Channing Frye discussed his match-up with Curtis Borchardt, Luke Walton talked about winning one for his mother and Casey Jacobsen talked about why scholarship athletes should never, ever miss a lay-up.

Channing Frye (on his match-up with Stanford center Curtis Borchardt):

"Coach Olson emphasized that we needed to get him away from the hoop so our guards could drive into the lane and make plays. Shooting those shots helped us get him outside and since I wasn't stopping him on defense I had to match him point for point.

Luke Walton (on the importance of the win):

"First of all I want to say that the reason we won this game was because I promised my mom I'd win one for her because today is her birthday. She came all the way up here to see us play and so I knew we had to win. Happy Birthday mom."

(On how Arizona was able to handle the pressure of playing at Stanford):

"This is why we played at places like Michigan State. We get comfortable in a hostile environment. When we started stepping our defense up, that was the turning point."

Lute Olson (on different thoughts on the game):

"When you take a look at it, our freshmen really stepped up, particularly Frye and Stoudamire."

"When it comes down to one of the teams in the mix (in the conference race), it will be Stanford because of the job Mike (Montgomery) does."

"We're thrilled to go on the road against two teams that were a combined 19-0 at home and come away with two wins."

Casey Jacobsen (on the game):

"We're all division one scholarship players. There is absolutely no excuse for missing lay-ups."

"(Arizona) started pressuring us a little more and made us catch the ball outside our normal area. There were times when the guy with the ball was 30 feet from the basket and there was no way I was going to get the ball. We were not in a position to catch a pass or to make a screen. They have quick, physical guards and that was a pretty good strategy by them."

"In the first half they played pretty good defense by denying me the ball outside but then we'd beat them with backdoors. In the second half I can't remember one single backdoor and that's what killed us."

"Arizona's beaten us three times in a row here and it's frustrating. They've had success here and they feel comfortable here. There's not really much we can do about that."

"We needed a win tonight just like we needed a win (against ASU) on Thursday night. Now we drop back to third place or whatever…fourth possibly."

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