Game Log: On great performance

On my way to the game I had hoped that the three seniors would have good games, and they did, but I had no idea what was in store. I knew there was a good chance that Salim could go off, but set a school record? We were all in store for quite a treat.

1:05 before the tip
The band plays Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In the Wall", which is a cool song, but they sing the part of "We don't need no education". Is this really good? I mean with grad rates tied into tournament births, do we really want to stress this?

19:21 in the first
Let's start the "Salim-O-Meter". The senior nails a three n his first attempt from the corner.

18:59 in the first
Fellow senior Channing Frye gets his first bucket. So far, so good for the two departing starters. Brase watch may begin soon if the lead keeps growing.

16:53 in the first
Frye is on fire. He has four of the Cats first 10 and just drew an intentional foul. He'll get two shots and then the Cats will keep the ball. He sinks both foul shot. He also gets the bucket on the ensuing possession. For those scoring at home it is Frye eight, OSU three.

15:00 in the first
The Cats are on fire. Ivan just drained a three and the Cats are up early 19-7. Now they need to put the dagger into the Beavers.

11:45 in the first
So much for a dagger, the Beavers are on a 9-0 run and the Cats can't buy a bucket. They had four offensive rebounds on one possession and failed to score. Now they lead just 21-16.

10:54 in the first
Adams gets the breakaway, but BLOWS THE 180 DUNK. Not only did everyone in attendance assume he was going to make it, but the PA announcer even said "Hassan Adams" before he realized it was a miss.

9:14 in the first
Frye had eight of the Wildcats' first 14 points, but has hardly had a touch since the opening moments. BTW OSU is on a 13-2 run since Chris Rodgers came into the game.

7:43 in the first
Frye hits double figures with a big dunk, but he had to scoop up a loose ball to do so. He just isn't getting touches down low. Credit Oregon State for doing a better job denying him the ball.

6:14 in the first
The Salim-O-Meter is not at eight. He nails his second three, this one with the shot clock winding down. By my unofficial count he is 2-4 from behind the arc, BELOW his season average.

2:19 in the first
Thanks to a nice inside-outside game with Channing Frye, Stoudamire now has 11. Shakur passed the ball inside to Frye who kicked it out to Salim who was ready with the catch-and-shoot.

1:19 in the first
This is just sick. Salim leads the break and pulls up for a 21-footer. Of course he drains it. He now has 14 and is 4-6 from three. J.J. who?

The seniors have combined for 24 so far.

45.2 in the first
Uh, make it 5-7. He tried to be unselfish, but to no avail. He drove the lane and kicked out to a wide-open Chris Rodgers. Rodgers missed the three but got his own rebound and fed Salim, who naturally drained it from the Arizona/cactus logo.

0:00 in the first
Okay, this is just stupid. With time running down he nails a monster three. I'm not sure how far out he was, 30 feet? It gives him four straight buckets and making him five for his last five. Oh yeah, he has 20 points.

The past three minutes or so have been one of the greatest shooting exhibitions I have seen in a long time.

16:22 in the second
Hassan Adams is one point and one rebound away from a double-double. 13:59 Stoudamire has yet to score in the second, but Frye has come alive. He has five points in the last three minutes and now has 15.

13:25 in the second
To quote Lee Corso, "not so fast my friend". Salim buries his seventh three, tying a career high. On the same possession Hassan Adams grabbed a defensive rebound and now has that double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds. Frye has seven boards and Radenovic has six.

12:12 in the second
It looked like Salim got his career high for threes, but he stepped on the line and picked up a two. Fear not, on the very next possession Shakur finds Salim BEHIND the arc and the senior buries it. He's now 8-11.

11:33 in the second
How good is Salim? His 28 points is not even his season high. He scored 32 in the Cats' first meeting against UCLA.

10:13 in the second
Salim is the KING. His ninth three pointer breaks the Arizona single game mark set by Jason Gardner.

7:10 in the second
Back-to-back dunks by Kirk Walters. The fans and the players on the bench are just eating it up. He put both down with authority.

6:48 in the second
Brase watch is over. During a timeout he just checked in. Now we need to see if he can break his career high of three points and one rebound. I say he does.

6:15 in the second
The fans behind me may need to not drink so much before the game. They just taunted OSU with "make 35 more free throws" in reference to them being down 35. The only problem is that they were down 25, not 35.

4:39 in the second
Brase gets the tip-in, he's one-point away from tying his career best.

3:30 in the second
Salim and Frye are not yet iced up, but I don't think they will return. That is a shame. They never got quite the final ovation because the fans did not know for sure that they were done. We'll see if Lute gives them a final sendoff or if this is really it. If so, what a final game, especially for Salim.

BTW Brase shattered his old rebound record. He had four, three more than his old best .

I am not sure where this game ranks in terms of best in school history. It is not as good as Damon's 45, nor Reeves 40 against Michigan, but it is in the next tier. It is as good as Arenas in Los Angeles during the 2001 season and his game last year against Oregon.

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