AZ wing discusses unofficial visit

Phoenix area guard Christian Polk is moving through his state playoffs but recently took an unofficial visit to Arizona. Cat Tracks caught up with the prospect to get his thoughts on the visit.

Christian Polk, a 6-3 guard from Glendale, AZ has been gaining national attention through his play so far. The guard recently won his first round playoff game and Polk is looking to lead his team to a state title. Deer Valley bear Horizon 65-38.

"I had 20 points and I think about 4 or 5 assists and 3 or 4 rebounds."

Putting forth a solid performance in the state playoffs is not the only thing on the 2006 senior's mind. Polk has already narrowed down his list of potential schools.

"My list right now is UConn, UofA, UCLA, ASU, Miami, Washington, and Indiana," added Polk. "I don't have a leader right now."

The 175 pound Deer Valley High School guard recently took an unofficial visit to Arizona along with AAU teammate Jerryd Bayless. Polk did not hesitate to tell his feelings about the Cats.

"Lute Olson's a great head coach and I like their coaching staff a lot," Polk said. "They've been known to have a lot of great guards. I like everything about them. I like the school a lot."

Polk also added that there is nothing he dislikes about Arizona. From these comments one can take that the unofficial visit went well. In fact, Polk stated that he did more than merely visit the campus.

"I went to the basketball game," explained Polk. "That went good. Me and Jerryd Bayless went into the locker room after the game and got to listen to Lute Olson in the dressing room. Jerryd Bayless is as interested in them as I am."

While his future is on his mind, Polk has a great deal of focus on his junior season. As the leader of his team, Deer Valley High School is sitting at a 26-1 record. Polk feels good about his team and feels positive about their path.

"We're going good," said Polk. "We're peaking at the right time. We're in the state playoffs. We're in the elite eight right now, and we have a game on Friday. If we win that that will put us in the final four."

Polk has led his team to their impressive mark by being a clear leader on the court. He has the most important role on the team, but he knows how to handle it well.

"My role is a leader and to control the tempo of the game, and to keep the tempo in our favor," Polk explained. "To make sure everybody's where they should be and give the ball to the scorers as well as myself. I just try to be very vocal and to make sure everybody's playing hard and playing defense."

This is easier said than done, but with a record of 26-1, nobody can really argue with him. Polk is being heavily recruited all over the country, and his numbers and leadership on the court is the sole reason why. Don't let the record and his 20 points last game fool you however. Polk has been seeing all sorts of defenses thrown at him.

"There was a weird defense played on us tonight (Wednesday)," Polk exclaimed. "It was like a triangle and two on me but honestly I've never seen it before. I didn't know what it was. Every time I had the ball they'd stack two men down there, and it was a weird defense. It was easy to pick apart because (my teammates) were always open when I was double-teamed."

That unselfishness surely is a contributing factor to his team's success. Polk has his team in a great position to capture a state championship, which would certainly help his recruiting process along.

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