Deane rebounds from suspension

We spoke with Daniel Deane just a week ago. At that time he was very excited to get the state playoffs started. His team was getting a key player back and things looked promising for Judge Memorial. Since the interview things took a decidedly unexpected turn.

Daniel Deane was recently involved in a controversial suspension. He was ejected from the final regular season game and forced to sit out his next game, which was the first round of the playoffs .

Deane, a 6-7, 230 pound power forward from Park City, UT recently was involved with an altercation involving his hometown's team and was ejected. He attends a private school, Judge Memorial Catholic High School, and explained the scenario regarding his ejection.

"Well I get an offensive rebound," explained Deane. "Prior to this I had three dunks. I live in Park City, and I went down to Judge, and we were playing Park City. So I up-fake my guy and he misses by me, then I drove, and I was going up to dunk it. The kid came and just hacked me. Should have been flagrant, could have gone the other way. He's still grabbing my arm, he's still pulling it, and I pull my arm out of there, and then he pushed me over and the ref, from the backside, comes running out, and whistles us.

"I thought he called a technical on him, so I go to the free-throw line. Then, he points at me and he points at the other kid and shows his thumb like throwing him out, and I went to talk to the other ref, and the ref didn't know what he was doing, and that's what happened. It definitely shouldn't have happened. My coach said the coaches association said that ref has had a lot of problems."

From his comments it sounds as though it was an unavoidable situation in which the highly recruited power forward could not escape. It was a scenario which should never have occurred, and both players should have been split up, and the game allowed to continue with both players. Instead, Deane was ejected, and as the rules state, could not play in their playoff game.

"The Friday night game (February 18) where I didn't play, that came down to the wire," said Deane. "They've all been exciting."

After beating Ben Lomond in the game without Deane, Judge Memorial fell to Snow Canyon 66-55 despite getting 17 from Deane. Deane scored 17 the next night as Judge Memorial edged Dixie 57-52 in the one-loss bracket.

Deane has been having a very good season to this point, and his statistics have not gone unnoticed..

"I haven't looked at my statistics recently, but about three games ago it was about 20 pts and 13 rebounds a game."

These statistics have not escaped the eyes of college coaches around the country. Deane has been able to narrow down his list a bit, but it will still be some time before the prospect pulls the trigger.

"I am interested in Marquette, UCLA, Stanford, Utah, Oregon, and did I say Arizona?" added Deane. "I would probably say (I'll commit) probably around November."

Deane has been able to decipher what he is looking for in a school, and Arizona fits the mold. Deane also has some great things to say about the Arizona program, and what intrigues him about them.

"I am looking for a place that I can be an impact player as a freshman and play a significant role," Deane said. "(A) good academic school."

Deane is familiar with the Wildcats and likes a lot of what he sees in Tucson.

"They (Arizona) obviously have a great tradition. The coach has been there (a long time) and has had a lot of success."

With Isaiah Fox graduating after next season, and a possibility that Ivan Radenovic could leave the program for the NBA or overseas, Deane could see some instant minutes alongside Mohamed Tangara and Fendi Onubon. However, right now, Deane is playing his junior season which he is pleased with to this point.

"Right now everything's going pretty well," explained Deane. "Everyone's coming together. At the beginning of the season we had a sophomore playing guard, and starting one senior, and the rest juniors."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Nothing much has changes since last weeks' update. Deane is one of the best big men in the west and the Cats would love to add the bruising big man. He list immediate playing time as a concern and the Cats will have minutes available. One major drawback is the fact that both his mother and father attended hometown Utah, with his father having played for the Utes.

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