Game Talk: Arizona Falls to Washington

<B>SEATTLE</B> - Arizona fell to Washington in Seattle by a score of 93-85. Cat Tracks was in the locker room following the game where the reactions were mixed.

Head Coach Lute Olson

On the Last Week:

"We have one game to go and they have two. It'll be an interesting last week, but I think it's true that Lorenzo (Romar) would be telling his team that the most important thing is how good you are at the end of this next week and the end of the (Pac-10) tournament. There are still things I'm sure he feels they can do better, and we feels the same way."

On Hassan Adams:

"Hassan played great, but he did what he does well, and that's take the ball to the basket. He played excellent."

On Mistakes:

"13 of our 16 turnovers were by the guards. We can't have that. Many of those cases it was over penetration."

On Channing Frye:

"He had two great performances up here. The one thing I hope Channing will do a better job of is constantly working to get open because he has a great touch, and is such a force inside. We need to get 20 shots from him the way he's been shooting."

On the New Student Section at McKale:

"Yeah (I'm excited). If ours can be as good as this one, we'll be very happy."

On Washington:

"Well they did a good job defensively on Salim (Stoudamire). If you take a look at it he took 15 shots and scored 14 points. He missed some early, but he hit some big ones down the stretch."

On the Washington Student Section:

"The student section does a great job. They really pull hard for the home team and they're not abusive or anythign else and tha'ts the way college basketball should be. Students should come just like adults and cheer for their team. Instead of doing things like some of the schools around the country where it's harassment, to me that doesn't show any class. They showed a lot of class."

Senior Center Channing Frye

On His Performance:

"I just took advantage of the opportunities my teammates set me up with. I made a lot of defensive errors that really compounded into the reason that we lost."

On the Game:

"I thought we were really close to playing pretty good. I think we just need to go back and focus on our defensive toughness."

On the UW Student Section:

"Oh that's fine. I mean it's all in fun regardless of what they say about me. I'd probably go over there and say hello to them. It doesn't matter to me."

On Gearing Up for ASU:

"How do we gear up? Goodness, we're still playing for a Pac-10 championship aren't we? Not only that, we're playing to become one of the best teams in the country, and I think we have a lot of work to do still. This game kind of showed us that we can go out and play as hard as we want but if we don't have our mental focus it's not going to help us."

On this Week:

"I expect practice to be pretty rough on Monday and Tuesday."

Junior Guard Hassan Adams

On What Next:

"We want to take this game and basically try to learn from the mistakes we made."

On a Potential Re-Match in L.A.

"No, we are going to see them."

Sophomore Guard Mustafa Shakur

On the Game:

"It's very important (to take this game as a learning experience). We had an opportunity to get back in the game. I think we were staring to get the momentum back. We just didn't seize the opportunity."

"We had the momentum a lot of times, and they just hit the big shots. They'd get a big rebound or a put-back or something like that."

On Washington:

"They were very hot. They played well, but we didn't play as good as we could have played."

On a Potential Re-Match in L.A.:

"Yeah, I think we'll definitely see them again in L.A. (We'll need) take care of the ball better, and probably play together a little bit better."

On the New Student Section in McKale:

"That's going to be nice. I know the fans really want to be a part of the fun and the action."

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