Bite even worse than the bark

It wasn't that Arizona played "bad" basketball; it was just that Washington played better basketball. The Cats couldn't clinch the Pac-10 title…at least not yet. Nate Robinson and Tre Simmons were able to end the seven game win streak by Arizona in a heartbreaking loss.

The Wildcats got off to a good start by winning a jump from Channing Frye and having the big man complete a slam dunk to give them a quick 2-0 lead, but it wouldn't be nearly enough. A three pointer from Simmons put the Huskies on top soon after. Ivan Radenovic was able to get inside and put the Cats back on top as the lead kept switching hands. Simmons continued to be on fire from long range by hitting his third three pointer of the game, but Arizona still held the lead at 12-9.

Frye then took and made a long jumper when he was left wide open outside of the paint. That would be the first six points in a row from the big man. Coach Lute Olson decided to give Frye a rest at the 12:00 mark and bring in the red shirt story Kirk Walters. Walters was able to score in the paint giving the Cats a five-point lead. A three by Salim Stoudamire against two defenders kept Arizona on top at 23-19.

However, Washington would not be denied. A jump shot by Bobby Jones tied the game at 25 all. A block by Frye and a long pass down court allowed Mustafa Shakur to hit an easy lay up and put the Wildcats back on top by two points. Still Washington refused to go down, as Robinson was able to tie the game back up. Frye was then called for goaltending and the Huskies took their first lead in nearly 13 minutes. A field goal by Simmons continued a 10-2 run by Washington and gave the Huskies their biggest lead in the first half, at eight points.

At the half the score was 42-35 with the Wildcats down but not out. It appeared as if Washington was controlling the tempo and simply playing too fast for Arizona. Washington was also out shooting the Wildcats. At the half the Huskies were 5-12 from three-point range and the Cats were only 1-11. Robinson was leading Washington with 12 points and Simmons wasn't far behind with 11. Frye was leading the Cats with 12 points of his own.

The game stayed close throughout the second half. A three pointer by Washington forward, Bobby Jones, put the Huskies up by 10oints. NBA moves by Hassan Adams led to a beautiful lay up, but Arizona was still down by 10 points. A Simmons' three gave Washington their biggest lead of the game at 52-39. Adams again worked his way inside against three Washington defenders for a lay up. Frye then made both his free throws in what was the Cats' first trip to the line of the game at the 14:57 mark.

Adams was again unstoppable as he worked the inside and cut Washington's lead to eight points. Simmons then may have cut Arizona's confidence briefly when he hit his fifth three pointer of the game. The Cats' confidence wouldn't be down for long as Shakur was bale to find Frye on a fast break making the score 58-51 still in the Huskies' favor. A Jawann McCllellan three-pointer field goal continued to encourage Arizona.

A tip in by Frye once again put the Wildcats within six points. Stoudamire kept the game close with a shot from long distance. A huge dunk by Adams put Arizona within four points with a score of 75-71. A huge three by Shakur then suddenly put the Cats within one. However, the game began to slip away after Frye was again called for goaltending, which was followed up by a three from Robinson, but a three pointer from Stoudamire kept Arizona's hopes alive by putting the Cats only down by three points. Stoudamire was then sent to the line shortly after and missed two of three free throws, which put the game in the bag for the Huskies.

Washington was able to walk away with a win with a score of 93-85 in which may have been the hardest fought battle in the Pac-10 this season. Still, the game proved little as fans across the country continue to ask just who the better team is. Hopefully that question will be answered by the end of the season. Not every Wildcat played as well as they could against Washington. Frye had another outstanding game and left with a career high of 30 points. Adams played like the "Hot Sauce" of last year and played the best he has all season. He scored 18 points, had nine rebounds, and at one point was Arizona's only hope.

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