A closer look at a few UA perimeter targets

Eric Bossi is one of the most respected recruiting analysts on the network. He has seen a lot of the top prospects already. Here is the second set of evaluations for some perimeter players considering the Cats.

Wayne Ellington, 6-4 PG/WG, Merion (PA) Episcopal- A player who has always been well known and highly regarded, Ellington has taken his game to an entirely new level this winter. Thanks to some monstrous performances at talent laden events this slick guard has matured into perhaps the single best perimeter prospect the class of 2006 has to offer.

If you need him to bury a crucial three, Ellington can do that. Need a tough drive and a strong finish around the basket, Ellington has that. His mid range game is as good as it gets at his age and he's learning to run a team and create just as much for others, what isn't there to like? He does need to add some strength and get a little more consistent on the defensive end but there are a lot of good reasons he's been anointed as possibly the best Philadelphia area prospect since Kobe Bryant.

Obi Muonelo, 6-4 WG/WF, Edmond (OK) Sante Fe- A well constructed wing player who burst onto the national scene last summer, Muonelo is best known for his ability to get to the basket. However, he specializes in much more than slashing to the basket.

Like many wing in the class of 2006, he has shown the ability to pull up for mid range jumpers off of one or two dribbles. Thanks to his powerful frame he's also an above average rebounder who is a capable enough ball handler to grab long rebounds and start a fast break. Shooting from beyond the three point line is still spotty at times and he can get a bit out of control. Not a finished product yet, but one with significant upside if he's willing to put in the work.

Lance Thomas, 6-8 WF/BF, Newark (NJ) St. Benedict's- It is still too early to say that Thomas will play on the wing exclusively in college, but that's certainly what he wants to do. Because he has proven that he can defend in space and get to the rim on slashing drives it isn't unreasonable to think that he will develop into a true wing.

However, part of what makes Thomas so valuable is his rugged style of play. He isn't the type to back down from a challenge and smacks around much bigger players in the post on a regular basis. He's shown some ability to hit the free throw line jumper and is an underrated passer, but he must improve his ball handling and overall feel from the perimeter. Essentially Thomas really doesn't have a natural position but there is no disputing that he changes the game favorably whenever he's on the court.

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