Game Talk: Olson Earns Record 305th Pac-10 Win

Arizona muscled its way to a 70-68 win over ASU off a Salim Stoudamire shot with 0:0.6 left on the clock, giving Head Coach Lute Olson his 305th career Pac-10 win, surpassing John Wooden . Following the game, Cat Tracks caught up with the players and the Hall of Fame coach, who was doused with water by his team.

Head Coach Lute Olson

On Breaking Wooden's Record:

"Because of my relationship with Coach Wooden it's really kind of bitter-sweet. I've said all along there should be an asterisk by his name, there shouldn't be anyone that ever passes him. What he accomplished no one else will again. The scene has changed from what it was. I certainly didn't ever think when I started in high school way back, coaching high school for 13 years, that I'd be in this situation. Things have broken right and we've had a lot of great young people that have played at Arizona for us to accomplish this, but it's a great feeling to have it happen on a day when we've gotten the Pac-10 trophy and a Championship. That's really the thing that's great about this day. Our players were very excited in the locker room. They knew well before the game was over that Stanford had beaten Washington so they needed the win to win the title outright, and ASU played great. We're usually the team to get on the runs and we did, but ASU did a great job of answering those runs with runs of their own. It was certainly a game that could have gone either way. I thought the energy and enthusiasm of both teams was outstanding. For people who didn't care who one, it had to be a great basketball game, a great college basketball environment."

"It means I've been here a long time I guess. Whatever your accomplishment with the numbers, I haven't won one game. That's the whole thing you have to remember. There have been a lot of guys that have put blood, sweat, and tears into this thing happening. I think if somebody had said 22 years ago when we took over the job at Arizona that this would happen, I don't think you would have had a lot of believers. Our staffs have worked very hard. Our players have worked very hard. We have the greatest fans in the world down in Tucson, and we couldn't even have come close to doing this without tremendous support that we've had."

On Being Doused with Water:

"Well first of all when I got in the locker room everybody was chanting 3-0-5, and then it was just a matter of a few seconds after that I got doused, and got doused pretty well. So did the assistant coaches. I told them, ‘this is what I'm wearing tomorrow to Sean Elliott's jersey's being retired in San Antonio so we're going down there. So I thought I had enough clothes with me, but we're going to have to look for a 1-hour cleaners at this point."

On the Team:

"I don't know what this makes us now in close games, but this team has had a lot of resiliency. They're winners. The pressure gets on, and it seems like when we need a big shot, the big shot goes."

On the Game:

"I thought defensively we forced them to do what we wanted them to do, but they knocked down some shots that were big time threes."

Senior Guard Salim Stoudamire

On this Buzzer-Beater compared to UCLA's:

"It meant more that it was for the Pac-10 championship." On the Final Sequence:

"I wanted to run the clock down as low as possible and not settle for a three, but also not take it all the way to the basket and let the refs decide the outcome of the game."

On his Second Half Performance:

"I wanted to get other people off. I wanted to get Hassan (Adams) off. I wanted to establish Channing (Frye). I was just trying to play. I wasn't trying to force anything."

On the Discovery that Washington Lost:

"At halftime I knew. I was getting in people's faces and cursing to let people know that this was for a Pac-10 Championship."

On Olson's Water Dousing:

"We all did that. More so Jawann (McClellan). It felt good. His 305th win. He was happy. I mean how could he take it?"


"I thought they played more physical in the first half. In the first half I was looking for my shot more. I wanted to set the tone and establish myself. In the second half, I wanted to win."

Senior Center Channing Frye:

On the Game:

"This was a huge game. I think we knew how much of a game it was going to be. We knew it was going to be a battle, but we wanted to come out here and win. Not only win for us, but win for the Pac-10 championship for our team and our fans a win for Coach O, number 305."

On the Last Second Shot:

"I was standing next to Ike (Diogu) and it's not like there's a lot of animosity, just go out there and play ball, and I wanted to tell him, ‘Ike I'm sorry, but he's going to make this.' I just had that gut feeling. I didn't say anything, and I was just out there playing and as soon as the ball left his hands, I was like, ‘Oh that's so funny.'"

On Winning the Regular Season Pac-10 Championship:

"This is fabulous. I love being winners. Winning makes you feel good and doesn't let you go home with a bad attitude."

On Staying Under Control:

"Oh it definitely was (difficult) especially with their physical play, and inconsistency of the refs. Basically I wanted to go out here and play the best I could and stay in the game. I knew I had to stay in the game for defensive purposes get in there, block shots, get rebounds, I think I got a pretty big assist at the end."

Sophomore Guard Hassan Adams:

On his Second Half Performance:

"With the two quick fouls, Coach O had to conserve me until the second half. Second halves win games so the needed me. I'm a leader on this team, and I have to play like one."

On the Flagrant Foul:

"That's what happens. I didn't think he was going to foul me that hard but he did. I kind of banged my head on the ground. I mean you take it as motivation though. I know he didn't mean it. It wasn't big. He apologized for it. I just took it as motivation."

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