Game Talk: Arizona Handles Cal

LOS ANGELES-Arizona ruled the court against California in the first round of the Pac-10 Tournament and now will move on to face Oregon State on Friday. Cat Tracks was on hand to get the thoughts from teh players and coaches.

Head Coach Lute Olson

On the Game:

"I was pleased with the way we came out. We made it difficult for Cal to score. When we moved the ball we did a great job of getting good looks, and knocking shots down."

On Ball Movement:

"In the first half I believe we were nine of thirteen when we made three or more passes, and we were eight of eleven when the post touched the ball before we shot it. Those are things that we try to impress upon the players. It's hard when you come down and you have an open shot."

On Channing Frye's Performance:

"Channing Frye played really, really well. He's a great shooter and he shoots it consistently day in and day out. Guys have a lot of confidence in him."

On Team Improvement:

"The main thing we are concerned about is just getting better and eliminating the troubled areas in which will help us get better. Jesus (Verdejo) has been playing really well in a practice situation, and we base how we substitute on how things have gone in practice situations. No one is owed anything in our program because it's up to hard work and proving that you deserve the time you get."

On Jawann McClellan's Performance:

"Jawann McClellan came off the bench and played very well. He will work his way up to one of the first guys off the bench because with Jawann, we can go with him at either of the wing positions. He is a very confident player, and he plays well off the glass. We are very happy with his development."

On a Possible #1 Seed:

"I think it's realistic on attaining a #1 seed because everything depends on how well teams play in these tournaments. If someone gets knocked out in the first round, I'm not sure they will go in as a #1 seed. I think you can flip a coin for the fourth #1 seed."

On Peaking at the Right Time:

"The thing I'm pleased with about this team is they aren't self-satisfied. They know that they can get better, and it's like we tell them all the time, ‘if we're going to get better, then you need to get better. You need to do your job. If you do your job better, we're going to be better as a team.' I have felt very good about how they have taken on that challenge to get better."

On the Rest of the Pac-10 Tournament:

"We just want to make sure we come out of this with what we want, and we are healthy as well."

On the Pac-10:

"I'm concerned because I don't think our guys, and I'm not just talking about our guys, I'm talking about all the teams in the Pac-10, are getting the kind of recognition that they should, and if that's the case, something is wrong...Something is haywire, and it needs to be fixed. I look back at Cal not being in the BCS for football and it's tragic. There was no way in the world that Cal should not have been in the BCS. I'm not sure if it comes down to politics or what, but it needs to be fixed. I know we have a time problem, but this is more than a time problem, and it needs to be fixed."

"I think right now, publicity wise, we're a second rate conference, and that's not right."

Senior Center Channing Frye

On the Game:

"We just wanted to go out there with confidence and not rush anything and don't take any poor shots."

"I felt with Salim (Stoudamire) and his technical problem, I had to step up for the team. I was kind of upset that I wasn't doing my job on the defensive end, so I didn't want to waste an opportunity on the offensive end."

On This Game Being a Potential Message to the Selection Committee:

"We need to worry about winning ball games. We don't need to send a message. I think our wins will send a message."

On Olson's Email to the Pac-10:

"I was shocked because of the aggressiveness of the tone, but it's good to have a coach stick up for you like that. I understand that individual awards are nice, but I would have rather got the win at Washington than the award. I appreciate the coach's concern, but if I don't get the job done, I don't deserve an award."

On Improved Range:

"At the ASU game, I felt that I was rushing, and I was missing. My technique was embarrassing. So, today when I got the opportunity to work real hard, I just wanted to go out there and make all the shots I could."

Senior Guard Salim Stoudamire

On the Game:

"This feels better (than a regular season game) because it's postseason time. You have to be at your best."

On the Selection Committee Taking this Into Consideration:

"I think they will take that into consideration. They aren't stupid."

On Taking a #8 Seed Lightly:

"We want to get a #1 seed so we have to go out focused every night."

Sophomore Guard Mustafa Shakur

On the Game:

"It feels good. (We are) trying to keep that momentum going for the next couple of games."

"I think that sharing the ball, coming focused, and getting everybody involved (made the difference).

Sophomore Forward Ivan Radenovic

On this Game Sending a Message:

"The win will send the message that we are getting better every game."

On his Game:

"I'm doing my job and playing good defense, trying to improve my rebounding game, knocking shots down."

On the Oregon St./UCLA Match-up:

"Either way they are good teams and it's going to be a good game."

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