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Spencer Hawes says he'll cut his list soon...

Spencer Hawes, 6-10 JR C/PF Seattle (Wash.) Seattle Prep, told us recently that he hopes to cut his list down soon.

"I'd like to get it down to five to seven schools sometime in the next couple weeks," said Hawes.

We asked Hawes if there were any schools that would definitely be making the cut.

"No, I haven't decided that yet," said Hawes.

College coaches were allowed to call juniors beginning on March 1st and we questioned Hawes about the schools that have called him so far.

"Washington, UCLA, Stanford, Kansas and Arizona have called," said Hawes.

Hawes told us that he plans on taking some official visits in the spring and fall.

"I'd like to take two or three visits in the spring," Hawes said. "Then take the remaining visits in the fall."

When asked about a timeframe for his decision, Hawes replied, "I probably won't decide in August, since I'll have just finished playing in July. I think I'll sit down after that, talk it over with the people that will help me with the decision and decide sometime in September or October."

We asked Hawes about the people that would be part of the decision-making process.

"My family -- my mom, dad and uncle -- my coaches, and also some of the players I've played with who have gone through the process already," said Hawes. "And with the players, it won't be so much for their opinion on where I should go, but more for their insight on how they handled it. The steps they took in making the decision and handling the whole thing."

With his season over after an upset loss in the playoffs, Hawes said he's spending a lot of time working out.

"I'm doing plyometrics and weight training four to five times a week," said Hawes. "I'm working on my agility, jumping and getting stronger. And then I'm doing a lot of shooting and working in the post."

Hawes told us his travel team, Friends of Hoop, will play in the Boo Williams tournament and Kingwood Classic this spring.

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