Game Talk: Arizona Glides By Oregon State

LOS ANGELES - Arizona dominated every aspect of the game and Wildcat Insider was on hand to get the quotes from the locker room.

Head Coach Lute Olson

On the Second Half Intensity:

"I don't know why (it happens) but that is the way it has been with this team all year long. It's just a matter of coming in and getting focused on what we need to do."

"It seemed like we were a little bit pressured during the second half. When we cleared the rebound it seemed like we had a fast break situation."

On Defense:

"I have said since the beginning of the year that this year's team has a chance to be the best defensively that I have ever had at Arizona. We have quickness at every spot, Channing (Frye) has been doing a great job of challenging every shot, Ivan (Radenovic) has made it hard to come inside to the bucket, and in Hassan's (Adams) case he can make it tough for someone to even get in the paint. The game plan was pretty obvious, we just didn't want them to catch the ball, we wanted them to have to go out on the court to catch the ball, so we extended passing lanes, and I thought that the guys did a great job of that."

"I thought that we made it very hard for them to run that things that they had success with in the first half in running. I thought our guys did a great job of maintaining that pressure on the basketball."

On Jawann McClellan:

"Jawann's played extremely well. He is so quick to the board. Without a doubt right now he's our best offensive rebounder."

On Potential for a Number One Seed:

"I wasn't aware that Wake Forest got beat today. We can't do anything about seeding. We can just keep playing, and keep playing well. I think it's pretty obvious from the two games that we've played here, that we've played well."

Senior Center Channing Frye

On the Bench:

"We're going to need great players from Jawann (McClellan), Jesus (Verdejo), and Kirk (Walters), and I think they are stepping up for us, and that's really the big difference. In this tournament Coach knew he didn't want to play us 40 minutes and I think you can see when they come in off the bench. They're definitely giving us a spark on the defensive end."

"They're able to come in and give us rest and come out with fresh legs and energize us. They come out with that hunger because they know that they can come out for 10 or 20 minutes and give us all they got, and I think that's what makes us successful."

On the Game:

"I think the combination of our bench and our starters really kept us going. Our bench kept up the intensity. Coach always says if you start your offense 30 feet away you're going to get tired. It's great that our bench can come in and add a defensive spark."

On Nick DeWitz:

"It's funny I'm actually really close to Nick DeWitz. We went to the same elementary school, and junior high. It was good to play against him for the last time. I wish him the best, and I'm glad to see him being successful and I have a lot of respect for that school."

Sophomore Guard Mustafa Shakur

On Winning Bigger Games:

"It feels pretty good, but we're about to play in the championship and we need to maintain that momentum and keep it going."

On Importance of Maintaining the Motivation from the Second Half:

"It's very important because a lot of times we let them come back so we just wanted to keep them down and not give them the opportunity to get any momentum."

On What Olson Said During Halftime:

"He told us to really focus out there and remember their scouting report and their tendencies, and what everybody likes to do."

Junior Guard Hassan Adams

On Defense:

"Oh yeah. We've been doing a great job and I take a lot of pride in that."

On Halftime Adjustments:

"Just keep it up. Keep what we were doing in the first half, but just take it to another level. That's what it's about. We're a second half team anyway."

On Differences from Last Year's Team:

"Chemisty, attitudes toward playing the game, and playing as a team. It's been great. I just love it."

On the Importance of Resting At the End of Games:

"Just watching Jawann (McClellan) play and the way he helps. He comes in and I get a rest and come back in fresh."

Sophomore Forward Ivan Radenovic

On Halftime Adjustments:

"We showed much more effort in the second half, especially on the defensive end. That was the difference between the first and second half."

On Resting Near the End of Games:

"Of course at the end of the game everybody's tired, and somebody can get injured. I thought the bench did a great job."

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