Game Talk: Arizona Wins In Round One

BOISE-A strong second half performance by the Cats propelled them to victory. Now the UA will face UAB in the second round. Cat Tracks caught up with the team to get their comments on the win.

Head Coach Lute Olson

On the Second Half:

"First half, Mustafa (Shakur) had no defensive boards. Second half he had five. First half Hassan (Adams) had zero defensive boards, second half he had four. I thought the big thing for us we were just much more aggressive. Not only with how we defended, but how we went to the glass."

"Part of it was we just said ‘no more outside shots until Channing (frye) has touched the ball.' You're going to get better shots on the outside if you get the ball inside because Channing (Frye) is so much of a threat inside that they've got to help. And when they help, we're going to get opportunities."

On Utah State:

"(Utah State) is one of the top shooting teams in the country, if not the top shooting team. In the second half they shot 25% and a lot of that had to do with the pressure on the ball and it certainly helps having Channing (Frye) in the middle challenging anything they have to get in the lane."

On the Arizona's Seniors:

"(Channing Frye and Salim Stoudamire) have done a great job for us. Not just what you see on the court, but in terms of working with younger guys on confidence and the focus that we need, especially on the defensive end of the court."

Senior Center Channing Frye

On the Second Half:

"In the first half I don't think I was aggressive enough or determined enough to get myself open. I took it upon myself to create an inside presence, and that opened shots up for Jawann (McClellan) and Salim (Stoudamire)."

"I personally felt like I needed to pick it up. Mustafa (Shakur) did a great job on the guards and so did Chris Rodgers. We had great ball pressure and if they can't get the ball into operational areas it just kind of messes up their offense. I was trying to be a force in the middle and block everybody's shots."

On Defense:

"Defense is the biggest key that we need to be consistent on, and in the first half we had lapses."

On His Senior Season Ending Working As Motivation:

"I think I had enough energy from the potatoes that I ate (chuckles), to go out there and know that everything was going good."

Senior Guard Salim Stoudamire

On His Performance:

"Sometimes the shots fall, and sometimes they don't, but you've got to keep playing no matter what, and I think I did that. Years ago I would have hung my head."

On This Potentially Being His Last Game:

"I thought about that too. I'm not even going to lie. I thought to myself this could be my last game so we better go out and make something of it."

On His Feelings:

"I'm just happy because we won it. Last year we were up, but they came back, and we were all bickering at each other, pointing the finger, and we didn't come together at all, but today, we all came together and we won."

On USU Guard Jaycee Carroll:

"I was trying to win the basketball game. I wasn't going to force anything. I was just trying to get my shots within the offense."

Sophomore Forward Ivan Radenovic:

On the Game:

"The game was an ice breaker. The first game is your toughest, always, no matter what. We played, I cannot say we did a bad job in the first half, but in the second half we utilized our personnel, and I think we did a good job on defense and we just executed our offense."

On Second Half Differences:

"It was defense and we just took good shots. We didn't force anything."

On Utah State:

"Like I said yesterday, I think they are underrated. They are a great team."

Sophomore Guard Mustafa Shakur

On His Feelings:

"It (winning) feels good, but we can't worry about that right now. We just need to let that one go. Let's just move on to the next one."

On Second Half Differences:

"Defensive intensity. We got up on them full-court and didn't allow them to get any back-door opportunities."

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