Tourney Log: Arizona/USU

This was a road game for the Wildcats. Not only were the USU fans out in force, but the Wildcat fans did not show up like I thought they would. The Cats played a painfully close first half, but had a nice showing in the second getting Arizona past the first round for the eighth time in 10 years.

0:00 before the tip
During the pre-game introductions they call Ivan Radenovic "Even". The Cats would like for him to go for an even 20 and 10.

18:19 in the first
A terrible start is erased by a Stoudamire three. The Cats failed to score on their first three possessions but a Channing Frye block and then a great screen freed up Salim for a three.

16:43 in the first
Lute goes to the bench early. McClellan in, Adams out.

16:16 in the first
The Aggie coaches use a series of cards to call the offensive and defensive sets. They must have at least 20 cards each. They have so many cards that they have to have color coded tabs on each card so they can locate them quickly.

12:19 in the first
I had heard that the Cats had to give back some tickets, but there are almost no Wildcat fans in the seats. Unless a lot of them failed to wear read or blue, there can't be more than a few hundred Wildcat fans here. The same can't be said about Utah Sate who seems to have brought several thousand fans to Boise. This is a road game for the Cats.

7:50 in the first
The Cats get a lift from McClellan and Rodgers. The two reserves hit back-to-back threes to spark an offense that was stalling. The Cats are playing USU's slow game, but the threes put them up after trailing two.

3:45 in the first
The Cats are playing good defense but are coming away unlucky. Twice they forced the Aggies to shoot with less than two seconds on the shot clock. The first resulted in the made basket. The second saw them get a late offensive rebound.

3:15 in the first
Apparently and Aggie is a blue bull with hairy shoulders and the ability to walk the length of the court on his hands. Good stunt, but I'll take Monte the Montana Bear's flips. BTW the "Aggie" is named ‘Big Blue'.

1:17 in the first
The Cats trail four. They have no flow on offense and can't get things going inside. They are not moving the ball and settling for jump shots.

18:15 in the second
The Cats get the bucket and the foul as Frey grabs a Radenovic miss and goes up strong. The Cats then press, hopefully speeding up the tempo.

17:39 in the second
For the third straight possession a Wildcat big man takes the shots. The Cats need to get Frye and Radenovic involved.

16:28 in the second
Salim nails one from the corner. The Cats are running and moving the ball much better. A long way to go, but this looks more like the Arizona we all know and love.

13:22 in the second
Rodgers is in, minus the headband. Maybe that is what has been bothering him.

12:58 in the second
Just noticed that USU's leading scorer Spencer Nelson has not scored yet and the Aggies are still hanging around. I probably just jinxed it.

12:24 in the second
Jaycee Carroll's three-pointer just snapped a 16-2 run for the Cats to start the half. The Cats have Rodgers, McClellan and Verdejo all on the floor right now.

10:01 in the second
Rodgers answers an 8-0 Utah State run with a three from the top of the arc. The Cats then make the stop and a Frye free throw put the Cats up by seven.

8:23 in the second
Another big three for Stoudamire. How many times can we say that in a season? The shot from the wing was a typical Stoudamire pull-up three and put the Cats up 11, 50-39.

7:21 in the second
This is where we learn if the Cats have the killer edge. They lead by nine with the ball and need to keep attacking. USU is in the zone but the Cats are looking to the big men if they can. They need to realize that USU can shoot the ball and will if they don't keep up the defensive intensity. They also can't get conservative on offense. They need to keep playing their game.

6:52 in the second
USU has this cheer where they sway side to side and then do this up and down motion that looks like they are milking a cow. Well, they are the Aggies after all.

6:30 in the second
Mark that one down. Shakur gets the steal and feeds Adams on the lob for a great transition dunk. The Cats go up 13, did it give them the spark to finish the Aggies off?

4:20 in the second
Ball game. Frye is fed on the break and slams home the one handed tomahawk. Barring an utter collapse, the Cats should take this one.

2:04 in the second
Utah Stat is now fouling. That is the good news. Bad news is that Frye is playing with four fouls.

1:01 in the second
Not sure what the deal is, but during a timeout it appeared as if associate head coach Jim Rosborough was in a heated exchange with someone at the scorers table. Not sure if that was really the case, but it was strange.

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