Game Log: The Salim Show

BOISE – It was a rough and tumble contest. The referees let them play and play they did. No one played better than Salim Stoudamire who scored 28 points and infuriated the UAB fans in the process. We say goodbye to Boise and the Chalupa Dome and get ready to bring you reports from the Windy City.

2:30 before the tip
UAB may not have the best looking cheerleaders, but they sure have the tallest. One of them must be well over 6-0 and a few others are really close. They also have the most ethnically diverse crew.

31.5 before the tip
Mustafa Shakur is wearing navy knee high "Cats" socks. Not the best fashion statement, but if they win who cares.

0:00 before the tip
Two reasons to like UAB, they have a sweet dragon mascot and a starter nicknamed "Squeaky". The dragon is the best looking mascot, but is so bulky that he seems like he'd be the least animated. As a plus, they allow him the team huddle after introductions.

18:05 in the first
So far the officials are allowing a lot of contact a lot of clutching and grabbing. To combat this, Stoudamire attacks the hole and gets a nice driving lay-in.

16:30 in the first
The UAB band keeps chanting "Mustafa!", presumably at Shakur.

16:10 in the first
UAB went with four subs. They go about 10 deep, so this isn't a shock.

15:50 in the first
UAB has not fully gone with the press yet. They are pressuring the ball on the inbounds, but have yet to totally sell out. Bad news is that Stoudamire is 0-2 from behind the arc, one of those being an airball.

15:20 in the first
Salim hits the three. Lute has already subbed in Rodgers, Walters and McClellan.

14:07 in the first
Cats are out of synch with the reserves in. UAB is pressing now and have stolen the ball twice in three possessions.

12:52 in the first
Cats go 1-3-1 for the first time. They make UAB run the shot clock down to two, but Squeaky nails a tough turnaround.

12:06 in the first
They are letting A LOT of contact go for both teams. UAB reaches a lot and the Cats are fighting off those reaches with pushes and slaps.

11:07 in the first
UAB is doing a great job on Frye. The Cats just can't get him the ball down low. He can get the ball up top, but even then he isn't getting clean looks. Stoudamire is 2-5 from behind the arc as he missed and made one in the time it took me to type this.

8:58 in the first
Adams has stepped up. He is doing a great job of breaking the press and just completed a three-point play for his eight point.

8:15 in the first
Frye just scored on a great dish from Salim. The dunk was his first points of the game.

7:26 in the first
Maybe it is me, but the band seems to be playing a lot of new songs. You'd think that after sitting all season in front of them I would have a definitive answer, but I think that when you sit three feet in front of the trombones for every home game you sort of drown the noise out.

6:48 in the first
The best way to describe UAB is relentless. Even after defensive rebounds they are still swiping at the ball and trying to make something happen. They are a fun team to watch. I'd rather watch them lose today, but they are fun.

6:14 in the first
Walters with the dunk and the foul. From here on out I feel he should be called "Big K-Dub".

4:45 in the first
Adams stole a move from the UAB playbook. The Blazers got the offensive rebound, but Adams snagged it and found Stoudamire who drove the lane for a sweet leaner.

3:16 in the first
Rodgers got trapped in the corner and no one came to help. Apparently McClellan was the biggest offender because after Rodgers got the timeout Lute stormed onto the court to yell at Jawann.

1:09 in the first
The UAB band just chanted "Nice shot homey" as Ivan Radenovic missed a free throw. I guess they either misunderstood the UA band or just put their own ‘Dirty South' spin on it.

0:00 before the second
The officials are letting them play, but they are very consistent. One thing they really have over the Pac-10 officials is that they don't anticipate calls before they happen. They wait to make sure the contact they assume is going to happen happens. Sometimes this leads them to swallow their whistles.

16:05 in the second
Stoudamire scores on a sweet runner in transition. The UAB defender did a great job establishing position at the edge of the key and Stoudamire simply elevated and pushed the ball high off the glass.

15:46 in the second
The UAB chant is "Give ‘em hell, give ‘em hell, go big green!" Just thought you needed to know that. Needless to say they are not a Jesuit school.

15:00 in the second
UAB just missed three threes on one trip down the floor. They had two possession calls go erroneously their way and it only ended on a questionable offensive foul that went Arizona's way.

13:21 in the second
Mark this one down. The Cats get the stop and Salim drains a three and is fouled. After which he does a huge fist pump. He makes the free throw and the Cats go up 54-40.

11:51 in the second
Stoudamire just got shoved into the bank of photographers. He came up ready to rumble but Adams was there to diffuse the situation. As he headed to the bench for the television timeout a UAB fan screamed "he's a dirty player ref." Funny, it was Salim who was nearly impaled on a wide angle lens.

10:32 in the second
Frye just picked up foul number four. This could be a crucial next five or six minutes for the Cats. Luckily Walters has been just as effective on the offensive end, both have four points, and he has been solid on defense.

9:53 in the second
UAB fans are now complaining because Stoudamire has his shirt untucked. They really hate him. I can't blame them, he's dropped 21 on them so far.

9:20 in the second
Make that 23, he just nailed a pair of foul shots.

8:37 in the second
Ivan now has four fouls. The Cats need to be careful.

7:59 in the second
I think I just peed next to Barry Tompkins. It sure sounded like him and he told someone behind me that he needed to hurry and get back on the air.

6:20 in the second
The Cats have begun to slow it down. I don't like this not with over 6:00 to play. Of course Stoudamire nailing a three on the possession did not hurt. Cats lead by 16.

5:05 in the second
Hassan's driving one-hand slam brings s the house down. There were more "Ohhhhs" than cheers but it was sweet. To quote Bill Raferty he slammed it "with authority!"

2:41 in the second
Lute clears the bench. Brase, Verdejo, Dillon and Fox are in.

1:03 in the second
Lute gets Brielmaier in. The entire clean-up crew is in.

The players were obviously in great spirits, especially Channing Frye who thanked everyone he could, including the team doctor, the team trainer and Lute's stepson Matt, who served as the team's waterboy.

Kirk Walters got into the act when he dropped as many pro-potato references into an interview as he could. Frye has been an unofficial spokesman for potatoes since he arrived in Boise.

Olson noted that the Cats had to arrive on Tuesday because of how the chartered flights worked out but that it was to the team's advantage because they got a day or two to bond and get away from outside influences and distractions.

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