Hawes still searching

Spencer Hawes, the second best center in the country according to Scout.com, has begun thinking about the summer recruitment process, and is already looking at schools. Cat Tracks caught up with Hawes who discussed his season, and where Arizona fits into the mix of potential schools.

Spencer Hawes plays both the center and power forward positions, but he's at his best at center. The big 6-10, 210-pound junior is Martell Webster's teammate at Seattle Prep, and is one of the best, and most highly sought after centers in the country. For Arizona, Hawes could be a huge get as his arrival would coincide with Kirk Walter's senior season.

Hawes considers himself wide open in terms of schools, and continues to list 11 schools. He lacks a leader at this time.

"I am interested in 11 schools right now," Hawes says. "I am interested in UCLA, Kansas, Washington, Duke, North Carolina, and Arizona."

He is also considering Gonzaga, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, Stanford and Texas.

Hawes discussed what he deems as important qualities for a school in order to go there.

"I am looking for a school that will prepare me academically and will prepare me for hopefully a career in basketball," said Hawes. "I'm also looking for a school that has a nice campus. Another big (factor) is a good quality coach."

Despite not having a leader, Hawes has explained that there are four main schools recruiting him the hardest. Unfortunately, Arizona is not one of the four. However, this does not mean they are out of the running.

"Arizona is recruiting me pretty well," admitted Hawes. "I'm actually about to call Coach Olson after this. I like how the coaching staff gives their players the freedom to play. Washington is the same way."

Hawes' main priority was his junior season prior to this point. He and Webster both had good seasons for their team, and Hawes averaged double-figures in both scoring and rebounding. As a result, Hawes saw a number of different defensive looks.

"I saw basically everything, mainly the triangle-and-two," Hawes said. "Often times both me and Martell would be double or triple-teamed every time we got the ball. That's not to bring down my teammates though. So those were hard games."

With difficulty comes learning. For Hawes this is no different. He has learned from these difficult situations and realizes what he needs to do this summer to gain national attention.

"Last summer was difficult because I had to prove myself and kind of get my name on the map," Hawes admitted. "This summer, I just want to be able to have fun and be successful. I think I've already established myself, now I have to prove myself."

Hawes has proven himself in the high school ranks, and has gained the notice of a number of top programs in the country. Unfortunately, an early exit in the state tournament, may impede his recruiting process.

"We lost by one point about two weeks ago in Districts," said Hawes.

Despite the disappointing tournament run by one of Washington's best teams, Hawes is still pleased with his season, saying he feels it went well.

While Arizona may not be recruiting him the hardest, Hawes seems to like the Cats. Hawes has voiced his desire to narrow down his list a bit in order to enjoy the rest of the summer.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Although he does not say it publicly, Washington seems to be the favorite. Both his father and his uncle played for the Huskies and his AAU teammates Webster and Jon Brockman have signed with UW. Until he states otherwise it is safe to consider the Dawgs has having an advantage. You can bet the Wildcat coaches will watch a ton of his games over the summer recruiting season.

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