Pre-Game Talk: Arizona Players

CHICAGO-As Arizona prepares to take on the OSU Cowboys, they realize what needs to be done and discussed the prospect of playing such a physical team.

Senior Guard Salim Stoudamire

On People Talking About Arizona Defensively In the Tournament:

"First of all, I don't think people talk about us, period. But we like that because we like to sneak up on people. We have been a good defensive team from the first day of practice. Guys put that as the number one because defense wins championships. I think every guy in the squad knows that."

On His Relationship with Head Coach Lute Olson:

"I don't think it was me not listening to him. It was me understanding him and what type of coach he is and his tactics of teaching to motivate you. I would take things personally and not look at it as just motivating things that he is saying to me."

On Whether OSU Can Shut Him Down:

"I don't think anyone can shut me down. When I do play bad I think it is because of myself, my mental approach towards the game when I do play bad."

Senior Center Channing Frye

On Physical Play In the Tournament:

"We have adjusted very well. I think you take Utah State, UAB, they both were very physical, and the refs let us play it out. I think we are used to that. I think we were like that before. I think we are going to be all right tomorrow (Thursday). I think we have to adjust, not try to get into wrestling matches with them, play our game and get buckets."

Junior Guard Hassan Adams

On Joey Graham:

"He is very physical so with that, you have to kind of outsmart him because he uses his physical ness to his advantage so with that, you have to play hard games, try to take him out of what he is comfortable with – posting up, because you are trying to front him, keep the ball out of his hands."

Freshman Guard Jawann McClellan

On the Match-Up with Oklahoma State:

"I expect it to be an ‘instant classic'…both of us match-up well against each other and I expect that it will be a great game."

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