Arizona Basketball: Movie Style

Movies are an example of art imitating life. Being such a movie buff, I find myself quoting a movie for any life situation. Any unique situation can be compared to a quote. The Arizona basketball season is no different.

Miracle happens to be one of, if not my favorite movies of all time. . I quote Herb Brooks (or at least Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks) almost daily, but I am reminded of a different quote from the movie.

"We're a family," one player said.

That 1980 USA Hockey Team went on to do pretty well for themselves, and Arizona finds themselves in a similar boat. The chemistry of this team is potentially the most I have ever seen. These players have fun with each other, and are able to joke around with each other incessantly.

Arizona has a golden opportunity at their fingertips. Many thought the team would fall to Utah State. After that, people thought they could not defeat UAB. Oklahoma State was out of the question. Now they face basketball's top team in Illinois. James Vanderbeek, who played Jon Moxon, the quarterback in Varisty Blues, said it best.

"We have the rest of our lives to be mediocre, but we have the opportunity to go out there and play like Gods."

The Cats have the opportunity, now they have to take it by the reigns, and accomplish their dreams which are 40 minutes away.

"This is your time," Herb Brooks said. "This is what you've earned here tonight. Now go out there and take it."

Arizona finds themselves in an unusual position as an underdog playing on the road in the NCAA Tournament. The Illinois match-up is essentially a road game for the Cats. The game will be played in Chicago.

While I cannot think of an appropriate quote from the movie Rudy, it closely resembles the Cats.. The true story of an underdog, overcoming all odds, to play on the nation's best team can be closely paralleled to Arizona. Arizona is clearly the underdog in this game. If Arizona accomplishes the feat and defeats Illinois to get to the Final Four, the quote would be much different.

"It's pretty, it's sooooo pretty," Wesley Snipes' character from White Men Can't Jump said of his jump shot and the same could be said of Salim Stoudamire's jumper. His shot is so pure and so quick. Unlike Snipes he does not need a nine-foot rim for the dunk scenes.

Not to mention from the same film. "We goin' Sizzler, we goin' Sizzler."

Sizzler is a sign of much more than an accomplishment. It is the sign of earning what was rightfully yours. When the characters were trying to earn their money, they were going to the Sizzler. It was something that doesn't happen everyday, but when it does it is sweet.

In other words…Good-luck Cats. Get to St. Louis, and go get some Sizzler.

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