2007 Top 50

We're a long way away from figuring out who the 100 best players in the Class of 2007 are. So, in the meantime, we've updated our Top 50 as we steam toward the pivotal spring traveling team season.

The names at the top remain the same – for now. O.J. Mayo, the undisputed heaviest hitter, in what looks to be a solid – and possibly spectacular – 2007 group sits atop our rankings. He's then followed by Michael Beasley a forward out of Washington, D.C., and Bill Walker, Mayo's high school and traveling team running mate.

Kevin Love, a power forward, reps the West Coast in our Top 5, pursued closely by Chi-Town's sophomore sensation, Derrick Rose.

The rest of the list is going to change quite a bit over the next two months. There will be some movers and shakers so keep an early eye on a guy like Austin Freeman. The wing posted big numbers at the Spring Fling to kick off the year and everyone should be watching for a similar explosion in the month of April. Freeman checks in at No. 26 but he could be coming on fast!

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