Game talk: UCLA

It was a great game between two great programs. In the crowd were a past Wildcats great and a potential future Arizona star. Here are notes and quotes from UCLA's one-point win over the Wildcats.

Lute Olson:

"That was certainly an exciting game. The number one thing that cost us was our inability to handle (Dan) Gadzuric on the defensive boards."

"Defensively, we did a pretty good job, with the exception of the glass. I thought we did a good job switching off people. (Jason) Kapono hit a couple that were game deciders. He is a great shooter."

"In a game like this, it all gets down to all of the possessions, not just the final one. We lost the game because of our inability to do the job on the defensive glass.

Steve Lavin:

"Dan Gadzuric, when he plays like that, his presence in dominant. Late in the season he really progresses. We did a good job finding Dan inside."

"Jason Kapono shot well from the perimeter. We did a good job finding Kapono outside to get the shots we needed."

"Ryan Walcott, a freshman, always keeps his head up. He has great models to emulate, like Billy Knight and Rico Hines. He's like a pinch hitter, he is ready to step up when called upon."

Luke Walton:

"We had them for most of the game. We just couldn't finish it."

He's (Kapono) a shooter, you can't give him an open look. He'll hit it."

Jason Gardner:

"We had our hands on a lot of the balls, but they kept falling into their hands."

"We all know he (Kapono) is a good shooter and he knocked it down."

Ricky Anderson:

"I don't like losing to these guys. I hate these guys. They are nice off the court, but on the court I just can't stand UCLA."

"This whole year we have been pulling it off and we didn't pull it off."

Channing Frye had a chance to win the game but his last second shot rattled in and out. He got the rebound, but was unable to get another shot off and appeared to pass the ball.

"I tried to shoot it (the rebound) but someone had my arm, so I tried to pass it," Frye said.

Bill Frieder on the final sequence:

"He was fouled wasn't he? He was fouled on that second shot."


Former Wildcat All-American Jason Terry was in attendance. He was wearing the shooting shirt from the 1997 national championship. He was at the game with a few members of the LA Clippers.

Also seen at the arena was Hassan Adams. Adams who has signed with Arizona was at the game to watch his future teammates. He went into the locker room after the game. He was followed around by a camera crew who is filming for an ESPN documentary

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