Boo Williams: Host Team Wins Title!

<b>HAMPTON, Va. –</b> A quick pre-tournament scan of the rosters at the Boo Williams revealed one thing: Boo's squad was loaded. They went on to win the final game and take home the hardware. Speaking of hardware, Kevin Durant received some of his own as the tournament MVP.


17-Under Championship

Boo Williams 81, Houston Hoops 65


Houston Hoops 75, Metro Hawks 68
Boo Williams 66, D.C. Blue Devils 56

16-Under Championship

Team Melo 43, Boo Williams 41 (OT)

Boo Williams All-Tournament Team: Kevin Durant, DC Blue Devils (MVP); Nic Wise, Houston Hoops; Spencer Hawes, FOH Seattle; Darrell Arthur, Team Texas; Tywon Lawson, DC Blue Devils; Scott Reynolds, Boo Williams.


Kevin Durant, F, D.C. Blue Devils: As it turned out, it would take a thumb to the eye in the semifinals to slow Durant down. The tournament MVP was taken to the hospital to be checked out after his final game and missed a good portion of the second half with the injury. There was no dispute as to who the best player was in this event and Durant's feathery touch from a 6-foot-9 forward was marveled at by all. Reminder: He's just 16 years young.

Vernon Macklin, PF, Boo Williams: He used a flurry of second half dunks to ring up 23 points in the title game to pace his team. Most tried fronting him and it didn't work as the game wore on.

Duke Crews, PF, Boo Williams: Did anyone do more for his stock this past weekend than Crews? There was a great argument to be made to put him on the all-tournament team for his excellent play. Macklin took over in the finale but it was Crews that did the dirty work leading up to the big stage.

Damion James, SF, Houston Hoops: Another guy with a strong all-tournament argument. He put in 18 points in the first half of the championship game and finished with 23. Offense comes easy for him and he ran roughshod to the hole each game we saw him.

Nic Wise, PG, Houston Hoops: The Arizona-bound guard went for 21 in the semis and then cramped up in the final game against Boo. Still, he'd done work in Hampton and really was a key piece of the puzzle for the Hoops.

Spencer Hawes, C, FOH Seattle: We didn't get to see them in action (though we will in the next two weeks) but it was common knowledge in Hampton that Hawes was leading a very young team at this tournament. Since his emergence onto the national scene last June he's been nothing but impressive.

Scott Reynolds, SG, Boo Williams: The last time this team ran this many plays for a shooter a kid by the name of Redick was smoking 3s. Now it's Reynolds' turn to lock and load and from our vantage point, he was on point each time out. As is the case with the team he plays on, it's seemingly a new leading scorer each game but Reynolds' touch is a constant for the squad.


Donte Green, PF, Team Melo: Man is he coming along nicely! In the title game, Green went to work inside and made plays with his athleticism and touch. His spin move in the paint for a one-handed jam was outstanding and he's growing in confidence and production. This young man is really growing into a fine high-major talent.

Leonard Washington, SF, Louisiana Select: It's 9:15 in the morning and he's diving on the floor for a loose ball. A few moments later the lefty is sticking back to back mid-range jumpers. He's got a solid body and the game to go with it.

Gary Johnson, PF, Houston Hoops: At 6-foot-7 he's a ball of kinetic energy. The beautiful part of his game is that he's got such a feel for rebounding. Johnson understands position and boxes out hard. The great rebounders are able to operate out of their area and Johnson chases everything. He'll need to expand his skill scoring package but not at the expense of effort!


Xavier Gibson, PF/C, Georgia Blazers (15s): Thankfully a tipster shared some info and gave up his name. While we didn't see many freshmen here as it was impossible to delve into the younger brackets, we were able to briefly catch Gibson. He's a long-bodied post player who has some elementary moves, runs well and he'll be a guy you'll want to scratch down for future reference.


Tywon Lawson has a tentative official visit set for May 7th to UNC. The Heels, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech are the contenders. … L.D. Williams of Boo Williams is hearing from Maryland, Xavier, Virginia Tech, Tennessee and UNC. However, he's yet to be contacted by the new Volunteer staff. …


The main reason why Boo beat Houston in the title game is because its roster was dotted with more legit scorers than anyone in the field. Between Crews, Macklin, Scott Reynolds, Stefan Welsh and Chris Wright, they had five guys capable of carrying a team in a given game. No one could match that kind of firepower man for man. …

The credentials that Tywon Lawson built up during the season at Oak Hill were further enhanced with a strong weekend of play. … The Charlotte Royals made some headway in this event with a series of wins on Saturday. There's not a superstar on the team but they've got good talent as Brandis Raley, Gabriel Blair and Matt Gwynne each had their moments throughout. ….

Call Jai Lucas undersized till you are blue in the face, it's true, he's small. But small guys can score too and he didn't miss many short and mid-range jumpers. Plus, a guy his size has to be able to get his shot off on the move and Lucas is comfortable in that area. …

The Metro Hawks were paced by Jonathan Mitchell's 20 points in their semifinal game. … Stefan Welsh of Boo Williams had some acrobatic finishes in the championship game and he's got no problems getting to the rim. ...

All weekend long Boo's 6-foot-8 post man Lewis Witcher finished inside. He was consistent with his effort and results. ... Darryl Shazier made a deep corner 3 ball to get the 16-year-old title game into OT for Boo Williams. ...

This concludes our coverage of the Boo Williams Invitational. Next weekend will have representatives in Arkansas and Las Vegas for major events!

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