Cate Expecting a Busy Month of May

Salt Lake Cottonwood may very well be home to the best prep offensive backfield in the country in 2005 when looking at quarterback Alex Cate and running back Stanley Havili. Cate recently received two offers from the Big 12 North, giving him three total from the upper north division, raising his total to five offers. He also plans to attend camps at one Big Ten and SEC program.

It is not often that by this time in the spring you will find many west coast quarterbacks that have more offers from Big 12 programs than they do the Pac 10.

Well, it is different in 2005, and that is due to Salt Lake City Cottonwood quarterback Alex Cate, who recently picked up his fourth and fifth offers from the Colorado Buffaloes and Nebraska Cornhuskers.

"The reason I know midwest programs have taken an interest in Alex is they know he is a bad weather quarterback," explained Cottonwood offensive coordinator and Alex's father, Scott Cate. "Normally, they are afraid to recruit a quarterback out West because they don't believe he will be able to play in the cold and rugged conditions, but Alex has shown that he can."

It was a busy week in terms of scholarship offers extended last week by Nebraska. I don't know if many expected to be handed out to the quarterback position, but that only speaks to the volume of interest the Huskers have in Cate.

"I was real excited to have received the offer from Nebraska just seeing the type of conference they play in, and that exposure I could receive playing there," explained Alex. "I'm suppose to call Coach (Bill) Callahan today, and this will be my first time speaking with the coaches."

"They told me they liked my quick release, and how well I'm able to move my feet in the pocket. Really, I'm just looking forward to learning more from them tomorrow, and being able to build a relationship from there."

Cate plans to attend a spring practice of Nebraska's, and may also attend one at Colorado where he received a recent offer.

"I haven't had much contact with Colorado as that is a school I also need to get in touch with. From what I've heard from people, it is a great program and a great place to be. I'm not going to judge too much on anything that has happened recently until I'm able to speak with the coaches," stated Cate.

His third Big 12 offer comes from Lawrence, Kansas and the Jayhawks coached by Mark Mangino.

"I'm really looking forward to making a visit out to Kansas at some point. I've had some contact with them, but not as much as I'd like, and I need to step that up. I spoke to their offensive coordinator, and he told me there isn't a lot of depth at quarterback there right now," said Cate.

Cate has also received an offer from Utah and Arizona. To this point, no program has shown more interest in him than the Wildcats.

"I speak to Coach (Mike) Canellis, their quarterback coach, via email all the time," added Cate, who will graduate in December of 2005. "He told me they are only offering two quarterbacks, and right now I am the #1 guy on their list."

Cate is likely to receive many other scholarship offers before it is all said and done. Two more programs that could join the party after working Cate out in person are Georgia Bulldogs and Iowa Hawkeyes.

"I've spoke to Mike Bobo (QB Coach) from Georgia, and he has told me he will be stopping by the high school in the next month. He said they are definitely giving me a look, and he wants to get out to see what he thinks."

"I'm planning on going to the camp at Iowa as my father and I are working out the details right now. More than likely, I'll be going out there with Stanley (Havili). They have a big program that I continually hear good things about, and football is the big deal out there," said Cate.

Asked of his opinion on teammate and offensive backfield partner Stanley Havili, Cate quickly jumped in.

"Man, he is great, and he really makes it hard on teams. He doesn't allow them to focus only on the pass, and he is such a big, powerful back with great speed. I really don't believe I could have anyone better playing behind me."

Cate also indicated that did not mean Stanley and he had made it a requirement they will play together. He stated they will do what is best for themselves.

Lastly, Cate knows of one other school's intentions to visit during the evaluation month, and that is the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

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