Game Talk: More notes than quotes

The UA Basketball team had to catch a flight out of LAX following its 94-89 loss to USC, therefore players and coaches were unavailable for comments. The following are few observations andit ain't all bad, even though the Wildcats were swept in LA.

Now, here a few quick points from the weekend.

*Sam Clancy is the best big man (power forward) in the nation along with Kansas' Drew Gooden. He is much better than Duke's Carlos Boozer and Maryland's Lonny Baxter. Oh yeah, Clancy is easily the Pac-10's most dominant player. My preseason Pac-10 Player of the Year just made up my mind for the year-ending award with his play over the weekend.

*Salim Records will fall.

*Jason Gardner, whom his uncle(s) think I don't like even though he is one of my five faves ever at UA, is looking as dominant as he ever has. If he shoots like he did this weekend, Arizona can beat anyone. He played more like a point guard at times this weekend but he is definitely more dangerous as a shooter when he's on than he is as a lead guard. Let Walton handle the ball in a half court setting.

*USC is a top 10 team when Bluthenthal comes to play. What I don't get is what took him so long this year anyway? I hope USC goes DEEP into March because they present big match-up problems for most teams in America with Bluth and Clancy.

*How did USC point guard Brandon Granville have 11 assists and ZERO turnovers? That is amazing. That is why USC won, not because of the refs. Jason DID travel, move on. It's okay for "our" Wildcats to make mistakes as long as they learn from them.

*If Luke Walton starts hitting two or three 3's a game, Arizona is a legit Final Four contender...if Channing Frye, Rick Anderson and Isaiah Fox aren't intimidated by more physical and aggressive opponents like they were against Gadzuric and Clancy this weekend.

*Arizona beats a much improved ASU team on Wednesday night but not by as much as I first thought. The margin doesn't matter, however, just as long as Arizona gets one win at a time in its goal to finish 3-0 to end the regular season. Stanford will be an epic...but aren't they all against the Cardinal?

*Lute Olson is simply America's best coach. Everything he said about "being fine" by the end of the year has come true. Arizona may have lost two straight in L.A. but the Cats are a much, much better team than they were even a week ago.

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