First day in Vegas good, Saturday will be better

LAS VEGAS – The real action begins on Saturday with a full slate of action, but there were a number of talented recruits on display at tbe Pump ‘N' Run Spring Tournament and the Las Vegas Spring Showcase.

We didn't get to see much of Daniel Deane's first game but he's really making a name for himself. The strong power forward's Utah Pump ‘N' Run squad fell to the Bay Area Hoosiers Red after leading by as many as ten.

Deane's team had just seven players and wilted under the Hoosiers' full court press.

The Salt Lake native is really starting to investigate the recruiting process. He is listing a number of teams, but it sounds like Arizona, Utah, UCLA, Gonzaga and Stanford are the leaders. He was considering Marquette for the longest time, but has all but ruled them out. Although distance played a little role, it really came down to style of play and an overall feel for the program.

After that it was a quick drive to Valley High School and the main Pump ‘N' Run squad. Standouts Josh Guillory and Alex Stepheson are not playing in this event, but there are some other standouts.

Alex Jacobsen is a 7-0 big man from Mater Dei, a school that has produced three former Wildcats. Jacobsen has already visited Tucson and it apparently made a huge impact. Right now the Wildcats are the clear leader for his services and he really isn't listing any other schools. That may not continue as the 2007 prospect gets closer to making a decision, but for now the Cats are in great shape.

Jacobsen has the size, but doesn't always use it. He has some nice post moves, but has a lot of room for improvement as a score.. Jacobsen is not polished, but he does look like he can be pretty good. Especially with two more years in the Mater Dei program and a couple of years of top flight college instruction.

Jacobsen scored 10 in the team's win over Arizona Cagers Black.

There were a few other impressive players on that Pump ‘N' Run squad. Lawrence Westbrook showed why he was one of the greatest scorers in the history of Arizona. He never saw a shot he didn't like, but pumped in 26. The 6-0 they list him at is generous, but he has the strength to help offset the lack of height. The kid is put together. His lack of height could keep the elite programs from knocking on his door, but he'll score his share of points at the college level.

Kyle Austin is a nice looking forward. He looks like he can be a combo forward with his nice mix of length and height. He's a bit of tweener, but he can score and board.

6-10 Derek Oestreicher is not an elite prospect, but he does have a touch of athleticism and can do some things offensively. A lesser Pac-10 team or a smaller West Coast School may be getting a nice big man.

We were looking forward to seeing 2007 prospect Omondi Amoke and he looked very good for a few minutes. After grabbing a few boards and draining a tough three, the 6-5 wing twisted his ankle and was not really a factor. He got the sprain taped up but struggled in his return and did not play the last 20 minutes or so.

His Pump ‘N' Run III team gave up an 18-9 run and the Oakland Rebels cruised to an easy win.

Two Westchester High players compete for Pump III. Dane Suttle is very long and athletic, but made some bad decisions. He threw a few balls away and picked up a second half technical. He is very good in transition and is a very smooth player. Teammate Isaiah Jenkins can really shoot the ball, but he was absent on the glass and gave a bit of a mixed effort. When he hustled he was very good, but he didn't always hustle.

The LA Stars have a lot of intriguing young players. Edgar Garibay is listed at 6-10. I am not sure that he is quite that tall, but he is athletic and has some nice offensive moves. He's very thin, but was able to establish himself down low and knock down some jumpers. Look for him in 2008.

Melvyn Hamilton is 6-10 and 275. He looks like he is a man among boys. He's a BIG kid. Right now he looks a bit like Stanley Roberts on non-motivated Shaq, but if he drops a little baby fat you have a huge player for the 2007 class.

On Saturday we'll see the likes of Nic Wise, Taj Gibson, Kevin Love, Taylor King and a host of others.

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