Deane ready to whittle down his list

It was a bit frustrating watching Daniel Deane this past weekend in Las Vegas. While we got to see what all the hype was about, he was on a team that only had two reserves. Not only did his Utah Pump ‘N' Run squad struggle against the press, but the team did not go to their best player down the stretch.

Deane is a strong, athletic, mobile big man. He has a decent stroke and can run the floor. He's drawn comparisons to Jon Brockman, and they are only somewhat fair. Deane is a bit swifter, but Brockman was much stronger at this stage.

Deane was clearly the best player on his AAU team, but they did not make a concerted effort to get him involved. In one game we saw the Southwest Rebels holding on to a tenuous lead against Deane's squad. Deane had a clear size advantage but he took only eight shots in the game, three of which came from behind the arc. Although he was 3-3 inside the paint, the team never seemed to have a sense of urgency to get him the ball in the blocks.

Depth was also a problem for Utah Pump ‘N' Run. They had just seven players and blew double figure leads in two of their three games. "We did not handle the press very well," Deane said. "We were really young."

Right now five schools stand out for Deane. He is listing Gonzaga, Utah, UCLA, Arizona and Stanford.

"I had UCLA and Utah come in so far and Arizona is coming in next week," Deane said on Friday. "Gonzaga is coming in next week too."

He had been listing Marquette but he has all but dropped the Eagles. He had some concerns about the distance from home, but in the end it was just an overall feel for the program that has given him pause.

"I just don't know if it would be a good fit for me," he admitted.

Deane spoke a bit about the schools recruiting him.

He had already camped with the Bruins and met some of the players and coaches. One player in particular made a big impact, it just so happens it is the same player who could be conceivably be feeding him the ball in a few years.

"I like the coach. I really like their point guard, Jordan (Farmar)," Deane said. "I really like him, he's very cool."

Utah has long been in the mix. They are the local team and both of his parents are graduates of the school. The Utes are the team he grew up watching and he plays pick-up with some of the players each summer.

Three players announced last week that they were transferring out of the program and standout center Andrew Bogut has already turned pro. That big a departure may seem like a huge negative to someone not close to the program, but Deane does not see it as an indication that anything is wrong at the Huntsman Center.

"After playing with them over the summer I think it will be a good thing for those guys," Deane explained. "They seemed like they did not like it there."

The Wildcats also had a departure recently. Assistant coach Rodney Tention recently took the head coaching job at Loyola Marymount. Tention was Deane's lead recruiter, but that won't be a huge knock against the Cats.

"It's not going to affect them," Deane said. "I'm glad he got a head coaching job though. I've been talking to coach Pastner. I gave Coach Olson a call the other day, but I have not been able to talk to him recently. I'm going to talk to him next week."

Deane has no timetable as of now. He is going to take a long look at each program and whittle down his list a little bit.

"After I talk to all of the coaches and find out how they see me in their program I'll narrow my list," he informed.

It is hard to get a gauge on just how good Deane can be. He is clearly both athletic and strong. He hits the boards, but does not have that innate sense of where a missed shot is going that separates merely good rebounders from great rebounders. What he does do well is hustle. He is all over the court, often times on the court. He's the type of player who is not afraid to get dirty, diving for balls or mixing it up inside.

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